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A website is an essential tool that can help any small business grow rapidly, and larger firms further expand their reach and serve their customers more efficiently. Every organisation needs to have a visual presence online. At edirect, we specialise in creating stunning custom website design Riyadh that are professionally designed to more than satisfy your customers. edirect is considered the go-to website development Riyadh.

Responsive Website Design Riyadh

There are certain things we always incorporate in our web development projects. edirect always creates mobile-friendly websites. All our bespoke custom web developments incorporate responsive website design technologies. So no matter if you are on pc, mac, tablet or mobile, your website will look and function great with pinch, zoom and other tactile features to ensure the best user experience.

Browser Support

Our creative and skilled team ensures that your website can be accessed and function perfectly from any browser including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera, among other top browsers. With this kind of attention to detail developed by our website experts, you will not miss a beat.

Client Web Development Services.

edirect has a stellar reputation in offering a complete range of packages for all new and existing clients. If you have just had a website designed and developed by us, or you have an existing website made elsewhere, we can offer you a range of complementary services optimised to improve your online presence and build upon your web development project.

edirect offers the best digital marketing services and strategies customised to meet your demands. These include;

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Web Hosting

Powered by AWS, we offer the best website hosting Saudi Arabia packages. From dedicated hosting to specialist e-commerce website hosting. Our hosting plans focus on speed, security and flexibility. Optional website management services are also available.

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Digital Marketing

We are your 1-stop solution for all your digital marketing needs. From Pay Per Click, to SEO Services, Graphic Design and Social Media or even Mobile App Development, edirect offers a full range of marketing solutions, all administered in-house!

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Site Maintenance

We keep up with all the current trends so you don’t have to. From time to time a website requires updates and revisions. A website maintenance package with edirect ensures your website is always current, up to date and runs flawlessly as intended.

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Website Tracking

We provide easy ways to track your website performance. We compliment your web development project with effective tools for analysing your website from the admin panel. Understand your visitor’s behaviours so as to further improve your sites performance.

Types of websites.

edirect develop all types of web designs and offer complimentary SEO and digital marketing solutions. We understand your web needs in Saudi Arabia can be vast. When you get in touch with us, we will discuss in depth the type of website that you want created and our development team will get to work.

Being established since 2001, and now with such a diverse range of businesses on board, edirect have the experience and knowledge to build any type of website your business requires.

Generally websites fall into the following categories;

  • E-commerce Website
  • Business Website
  • Educational Website
  • Web Portal
  • Portfolio Website
  • Personal/Non-Profit/Educational
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Some of our more popular web development sites we build include;

E-commerce websites

An e-commerce website is a business website but one which is focused majorly on selling products. The e-com sites that we design and develop have high conversion rates because they incorporate the latest technologies to make successful sales. From attractive displays of products to easy cart checkouts, we ensure that customers not only browse through what you are selling but are also enticed to purchase.

We also ensure that your online store loads at a faster rate so as to reduce bounce rates. edirect offer some of the best e-commerce website hosting in Saudi Arabia with plans specifically created for your online store whether it’s located in the Middle East, the UAE or globally.

Non-profit websites.

In the same manner that businesses require websites, non-profit organisations must also have an online presence. This is the quickest way for you to get in touch with donors for donations. It also becomes an efficient way to let them know of the projects you are currently involved in and those that you have done in the past.

If you are considering creating a website for your non-profit organisation, get in touch with us and we will build exactly the kind of site you need. We will incorporate features that highlight these projects you are currently handling, encourage followers to take action, and receive donations. Note that to get donations via this website, you will have to secure transactions on it. Doing so requires SSL certificate integration so that donors can make secure payments. Website security is extremely important to us and we can configure secure payment solutions for online transactions.

Business websites designed for you.

This is a website created with the sole intention of representing your business. We build great-looking functional business sites that appeal to all niches. At edirect we make sure your business brand has a consistent brand image. We look at things such as logo design, signage, and various digital design aspects to ensure you keep your brand consistent across all marketing channels.

We have in-house brand image experts who have been doing this since we launched nearly two decades ago. The fact that everything from custom web design and development to branding is being done under one roof, means you are sure to get consistency in colors, logos and all other branding and digital requirements.

A business website does not necessarily have to directly sell anything like an e-commerce site. We also develop websites that uniquely encourage visitors to contact you, thus they are solely focused on lead generation. Or you could use it as a business information site where people come to learn more about you and the products or services you offer.

At edirect, we are experts in developing all manner of business websites tailored to your exact needs.

Portfolio website specialists.

Would you like a platform where you can showcase all your previous works? edirect is capable of building you a great portfolio website to do exactly that. You can use such a website to let your clients visually see the quality of your work rather than having to explain to them how good you are. Clients are quite possibly more likely to believe what they see rather than what they hear.

Are you a creative professional or a freelancer? We have worked on a wide range of portfolio development projects, and provided our clients with outstanding results.

“A Creative Web Development Process That Gets Results.”

Our Website Design & Development Company Riyadh Process

For more than two decades that we have been in this industry, edirect has established a web design and development process that has proven to work for all. With our proven process, we are able to take your requirements and deliver you desired results that exceed your expectations.

Here is a breakdown of our web development process:

  • Getting to know your requirements
  • Creating a plan
  • Initial mockups
  • Website development
  • Quality assurance and testing
  • Website launch
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1. Getting to know your requirements.

We have to know what you want before we can start delivering it. Since you need a unique website tailored exactly to your business requirements, we make sure all relevant details we require are clearly defined and conveyed to us. We need to identify your goals, your target audience, what messages you want to convey. We’ll also discuss competitors in your niche as we look for such things as key differentiators to give you the competitive edge that you seek.

So clearly knowing your needs and wants, the industry in which you operate, your brand and company identity, helps builds a vibrant picture and vision for your business future.

2. Creating a plan.

Now that we know what your requirements are, our expert web development team will come together to construct an outline of how best to go about designing and developing your website. Different aspects have to be considered to make the project run smoothly. Aspects such as project milestones, deadlines and anything specific we need from you have to be defined. You need a timeframe that’s clear, accountable and with deliverables that can be clearly tracked and time lined. Together, we’ll schedule your new site so that it’s delivered on time, on a set date in the future that’s right for you.

3. Visual Mockups

Now knowing what the blueprint is for your website, our web development team immediately gets to work designing a draft that you can visually see. This clearly determines the direction your project is heading. The whole custom design process is done with you, our customer, in mind. We need to convey your brand perceptions and design your website in a way that clearly connects with your company’s beliefs and values. By the time we get to the final stage of the project, you shall have a website that can expand your brand and grow your business exponentially.

4. Website Development Riyadh

Once you have approved our submitted design, our development team will immediately start implementing specific on page elements that appear on your website. From web copy to video and slideshow elements, we’ll get your site’s content looking great. We use the best coding practices to ensure your website is compliant with current web standards and it adheres to certain regulations such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). We always assign a point of contact for your project to keep you updated with progress and any questions you may have.

5. Quality Assurance and Testing

Once development is complete, we will ask you to have a look at it on one of our development servers. This is the point where you get to express any concerns. We can fine tune your feedback, implement revisions and our team can review and solve issues right away. We also do our own ‘pre-flight checks’ such as browser and device compatibility. We strive to make sure no technical detail is left out and your site is robust, ready to fly when going live.

6. Website launch.

Hurray! Big congratulations as you are now the proud owner of a custom made website designed and developed by edirect. We’ve come a long way. From consultation to planning and design, through to testing and approval. With your website development project now complete, it’s now time to get you some online presence! We will proudly launch your website for the whole world to see.

Why choose us?

We are a professional custom web design and development company in Riyadh. At edirect, we take time to understand your website requirements before starting your project. We follow industry-proven strategies to breathe life into your website. We care.

As a renowned Website Design Agency in Riyadh, we do not compromise on quality. We know that our services to you has to be exceptional. We also provide the most complete range of in-house digital services in Saudi Arabia. We just can’t be beaten on our quality of services to you and the content of digital services we offer.

Our mission is to ensure every business in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East has a stunning website that is;

  • Tailored to Your Needs
  • Super Fast Loading
  • SEO Optimised
  • User-friendly, Mobile Ready
  • Responsive, Modern, Robust
  • Made with Passion!
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“edirect – For Website Development Riyadh businesses Love!”

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