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In order for people to commit to using your services, they must have TRUST in your brand.

Trust is the most important factor required to prompt visitors to pick up the phone and talk to your company directly, buy your product and use your service again in the future. More than ever in this digital era, social media is the first place people turn to to read reviews, research or even communicate with other people before they have the full confidence in your brand to make direct contact. They need a reason why they should use you or your products over your competitors, and social media is one of the most accessible sources out there for them to jump on while on their buying decision journey.

“Social Media in Saudi Arabia has grown in power and has changed the way services and products are advertised”

An active social media presence can be built through routinely publishing engaging social content. If maintained correctly, these posts will help establish your brand, develop deeper connections with current clients and build trust with your prospects, all of which work together to bring in more direct enquiries and grow your profits.

Although it involves planning and commitment, the benefits of having an active social media presence are worth the effort. Having the time on your hands to manage your posts is great because at the end of the day, no one knows your business better than you! However, things can go wrong if you don’t analyse your post results and adapt future content accordingly. If unsure, you can always call us and we would be more than happy to help you get the most out of your social media! We will not charge you for advice so do get in touch with our professional advertisers for a general chat around your requirements.

For post management to be carried out effectively, a number of elements need to be taken into consideration – such as the best time of day to post, the type of content to publish and who it should be targeted towards, as well as how often to send posts out. There is no set answer relating to each of these factors because it is all dependent on your industry, goals, and available content. As a fully trained digital marketing agency in Saudi Arabia with up-to-date software, we can determine the optimum level of posting required to achieve the best results for your particular business.

We achieve this through in-depth, regular monitoring of post performance using professional analytics tools that measure various metrics, including post reach and post engagement:

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