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Have you ever searched in Google for terms related to your business and seen smaller or less reputable competitors websites ranking higher than yours? In which case you could benefit from Local SEO.

Make sure the search engines know why you should be ranked No1

The aim of most search engines is to show the most reputable businesses at the top of their search listings to display to their users, who are your potential customers. As a leading SEO Company Saudi Arabia our aim is to ensure your offline reputation is clearly represented online allowing your businesses website to be one of the top ranking sites in search engines.

The Benefits of Local SEO

Local SEO techniques can allow your business to rank well and appear to search engine users who are looking for local businesses and services. For many small to medium business this can be an invaluable source of new customers or clients.

The huge benefit of this is unlike most forms of advertising where you advertise get a few leads from it, then it ends there, and you need to pay for another advert, a strong web presence is something which is built and once achieved you will reap the rewards for months to years afterwards.

The chart below shows some examples of search volumes based around local terms. The volumes here are exact match searches i.e. the average amount of times that term is typed into Google each month.

The top 3 positions in Google will generally attract over 50% of the visits from these searches.

Who Would Benefit From Local SEO

Local SEO is mainly for those who have physical locations that they would require a customer to visit in order to make a sale, or those who service an area. for example:

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Clinics
  • Manufactures
  • Catering
  • Real Estate Agencies
  • And more….

It can also at times be applied to company’s who service a region or the whole nation, if the related search terms to the business often have local intent.

During provision of the SEO service edirect will provide:

  • Detailed, effective and understandable campaign planning
  • Effective campaign delivery. inc provision of content
  • Face to Face consultations at our offices
  • Monthly reporting

For a more detailed overview of our service provisions please read our Local SEO Process webpage.

The Local SEO service provided by edirect

edirect are confident in saying our team have an incredibly in depth and expert understanding of the SEO requirements for local businesses to rank well in search engines. After all, at the point of writing this article, edirect website ranks on the top of Google first page for: “PPC Agency Saudi Arabia”, “Web Design Agency Saudi Arabia“, “Bespoke SEO packages”. We have also helped many of local businesses to rank highly on local terms.

At edirect our SEO team have the skills and experience to ensure the task is as effective and painless for you as possible. Our SEO is all conducted in house in our offices Saudi Arabia and Dubai. We have ensured this is the case so we are able to exercise a high level of quality control in our SEO website optimisation processes for all Saudi Arabian clients.

“All SEO services are conducted in house, copy writing is also provided.”

Free SEO Site Analysis

Contact edirect today and we will provide you with a brief SEO analysis of your site. We will be able to give you insights on the current SEO quality of your:

  • Website Structure
  • Website Content
  • Back Link Profile
  • Social Presence

Read more about your free SEO analysis

Our Local SEO is provided at an affordable cost

While this is a complex and detailed process, edirect have developed our services to a high level of efficiency.

This allows us to offer these services at great prices.

Every campaign is bespoke due to the multiple different possibilities for the requirements within campaigns. However we are happy to provide a free, no obligation quote, along with a brief analysis of your site and SEO status.

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