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Are you getting visits to your website but not the phone calls? If you have answered yes, then your site is probably not geared to convert web traffic into paying customers. This is something we call: Conversion Optimisation or (CRO) Conversion Optimisation in the trade.

Turn your web traffic into business

Traffic to your Saudi Arabian website is only worthwhile if it turns into business and this is what conversion optimisation can bring to your website. Otherwise, your company could start to lose money out of an untapped audience. More traffic can result in better rankings for your website due to a higher volume of users staying on the page from search engines.

Considerations for landing pages

Landing pages are the backbone of SEO and PPC campaigns as they are often the first place users land on. When users arrive on your landing page, time is short, and it is vital that you capture their attention before they leave your website. To keep users on your site, they need to see the following key factors:

  • Your business’ key USPs
  • Trust factors
  • A call-to-action
  • That their query has been answered

Images are not just there to make a page look pretty. An image can be a powerful piece of marketing when employed in the right manner. A well-shot photo of your product can make a huge difference for conversion.

The text and titles used on the page are equally as important in motivating users to use your company and services. Poorly written or sparse text with no real gutsy headlines can leave a visitor disappointed and unlikely to use your business.

Transform with website funnels

The very structure of your website has a big impact on conversion rates. If built well, the site can drive users to specific pages with the use of links. It is important to be aware of what the user needs to know before they can be converted into a paying customer. Building user-friendly pages and funnels are key ways to convert users into paying customers.

“Whether we develop your website, or provide you with marketing services, conversion optimisation is provided.”

Ongoing Conversion optimisation is most effective with detailed tracking and analysis

Our conversion optimisation service

When designing a new website for you, our expert web design team will be aware of what makes your customers tick. We will consult with you when designing your website to make sure your website is suitable for your target audience. The team will also consider the site structure for optimisation as well as the client’s journey and user funnels.

If your website has been built by someone else and you want to utilise it into an effective business tool, then our marketing team will analyse it and suggest improvements.

Contact edirect for more details about our conversion optimisation services for Saudi Arabia and companies throughout the Middle East.

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