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The Soap Box is a Kuwaiti skincare company that offers exotic and high-quality skincare products with a unique combination of European green beauty, botanical science, and the age-old hammam rituals of the middle east.

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Their main ingredient is lavender grown exclusively in their gardens in Ireland. The Soap Box Kuwait offers a wide range of all-natural, 100% vegan, cruelty-free and alcohol-free premium products at a pocket-friendly price.

the brief

The Soap Box Kuwait is a wonderful alternative for those wanting to use all-natural products that are gentle and effective on the skin yet free of any harmful chemicals. The Soap Box Kuwait sought out edirect’s help to create an eye-catching and fully functional e-commerce site to sell their unique products. Our primary goal was to design a website aligned with the brand’s aesthetics, increase conversions, and integrate a proper FedEx and payment gateway system.

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scope of project

lavender body butter by soap box
lavender silk eye pillow by soap box
lavender extravagance gift box by soap box
massage oil by soap box
handmade lavender soap by soap box

Effortless user journey; Aesthetically appealing design

the challenge

The Soap Box Kuwait found the perfect company in edirect. The client presented us with a set of requirements. Firstly, the brand’s overall aesthetics needed to be reflected on their site. The new site also had to be easy for the users to search and find exactly what they were looking for to increase conversions. Error-free and attractive bilingual (Arabic/English) versions of the site had to be available for ease of use for the brand’s target audience. Additionally, the company’s catalogue had to be attractively displayed.

Lavender cleansing gel and lavender hand cream by soap box
girl running in lavender field

The solution

edirect team of web designers scrutinised the target market before coming up with a strategy. Afterward, ideas were exchanged with the business owners with a lot of back and forth, and we were finally able to settle on the aesthetics, font, and design of the website. We used WooCommerce capabilities to create a fully functional e-commerce site.

We primarily focused on the colour ‘lavender’ as it appealed to the target audience and resonated with the company’s main ingredient. Our team of copywriters correctly created an Arabic and English version and ensured that they were omitted of mistakes. Lastly, proper FedEx and MyFatoorah payment integration were carried out and tested numerous times.


The new site captured the brand’s aesthetics and was easy to use and fast to load. Additionally, it was extremely easy to browse products which helped customers to find what they wanted and to check out. After the launch of their new site, The Soap Box Kuwait has gardened a lot of attention in the natural beauty industry and has witnessed an increase in brand visibility and revenue.

The Soap Box
soapbox website's responsiveness on all devices

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