Shield Me.

SHIELDme Global is a multifaceted company that focuses on providing expert solutions and products across an array of industries. As a world-renowned brand, it has a global reach that is growing exponentially. By mastering the creation and production of a high-level disinfectant, SHIELDme provided a solution to business and homeowners across multiple countries during the Covid 19 crisis.

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They developed a non-organic, non-toxic, and entirely alcohol-free disinfectant that is 99.999% proven to eradicate traces of viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. With customers all over the world, SHIELDme has adopted an efficient production process that meets global demand.

The brief.

As the marketing arm of SHIELDme Global, we are continuously tasked with providing a diverse range of digital marketing services. The goals are to enhance the company’s online presence across the globe, capturing leads, connecting to consumers, and building a striking and unforgettable brand.

As part of our strategy, we planned the design and build of multiple websites for various countries, requiring the expertise of our graphic design team and web developers. Separate plans were created for SEO strategy, PPC and social media ads to ensure we maximise every opportunity.

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scope of project

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Sophisticated, modern website.

The challenge.

Having multiple departments working on projects can sometimes present its own challenges as we had to ensure that the tone, feel, and brand of SHIELDme was consistent across the board. By producing web pages and SEO content for multiple countries, the obstacle we had to overcome was creating content that adhered to the countries in terms of language.

Given that the products are targeted at businesses and families trying to stay safe during the pandemic, we had to create a platform that allowed us to constantly update information with ease. With regards to campaigns and content for SEO landing pages, we had the challenge of producing creative and eye-catching solutions in quick time.

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The solution.

The project as a whole can be broken down into various departments, such is the wealth of work that we produce for SHIELDme as their marketing experts.


Our developers created a range of information websites that are modern and elegant, with seamless transitions when clicking from page to page. Being incredibly user-friendly allows potential consumers to gather the relevant information they need before making a purchase or contacting the company. Multiple websites were built for numerous countries, including the following:

  • UK
  • Scotland
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Morocco
  • Egypt
  • KSA
  • Qatar
  • Kuwait

Each website was designed to promote the SHIELDme products globally, and we incorporated links to Amazon to assist in the purchasing process. We found a solution to the language barrier by using WPML to translate content on some of the websites. To tackle the issue of updating the sites with new developments, we built them using WordPress multi-site that allows for swift updates, meaning that we can make changes based on the client’s requirements.

Graphic design.

To express the essence of our client’s brand, we had to make sure that each website was aesthetically pleasing and SHIELDme was recognisable. Our graphic design team produced an array of images used for each website, with every image geared specifically towards the individual country.

As well as developing the imagery for the websites, our team designed SEO landing pages and various brochures outlining the products and guidelines for each country.


To enhance SHIELDme’s presence and authority on Google, the SEO team analysed competitors and built up a wealth of keyword research for each country. Landing pages were designed and built to support the SEO campaigns, with our team of in-house copywriters penning fresh and original content.

Each page was optimised and analytics tracked for conversions and goals, while link building and meta data helped to increase the client’s overall Google rankings.

PPC & social media.

For the various countries, our team built campaigns for Search, Display and YouTube while also creating accounts and ads on multiple social media platforms. Each country had their own dedicated profile to maximise exposure and attract the attention of potential customers.

The PPC and social media team work in unison with the developers for various campaigns, including the ‘Back to School’ campaign. The banners are regularly updated to feature the current campaign.

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Contact Us.

For businesses that require a full digital marketing service, then get in touch with our hardworking team at edirect. From brand and web development to SEO and PPC, we can take care of every aspect and become the marketing arm for your company. To discuss your ideas, give us a call on +966 50 707 3370.

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