Naffco Aviation.

NAFFCO Aviation is a division of NAFFCO Group and specialises in offering excellent mobile services solutions for civil and military airports.

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Their goal is to ensure that airports across the globe are efficient, safe with a minimal negative impact on the environment. They offer a wide array of services such as consulting, planning and engineering, design, production and assembly, supply, installation, testing and commissioning, and after-sales and service, all under one roof.

The brief.

NAFFCO Aviation contacted us to create a brand-new website. Keeping in mind that they would be dealing with professionals, NAFFCO wanted a website that was easy to use, responsive and provided all the information their potential customers sought. Additionally, another critical factor was to ensure their wide array of services was easily accessible to visitors.

Cohesiveness throughout the website had to be maintained without making the website look bombarded with too much text or visuals. We also wanted to make sure that it was easy to contact NAFFCO Aviation.

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scope of project

airplane still on runway
naffco firetruck
multiple airplanes on runway
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Seamless Interface and Cutting-Edge Design.

The challenge.

We had to create a brand-new website that reflected their brand message and convinced their visitors that they were the right company for the task. Their business is targeted towards professionals, and as such, we had to ensure that the new website was simple, comprehensive, and devoid of excessive navigation and gimmicks. We had to ensure that the visitors found what they were looking for with just a few clicks.

One of the major challenges we faced was to provide all their services on a single page without making the page look cluttered. We had to make sure the website impressed potential customers with one look. Detailed attention to design played and important role. Lastly, we had to finish the task within a limited timeframe.

airplane on the runway
naffco's website

The solution.

edirect’s team of web designers, developers, and copywriters worked very closely to guarantee that NAFFCO Aviation received exactly what they wanted. After discussion with the clients, analysing current trends, and researching competitors, our team of web designers came with a classy, professional, and easy-to-use website with an emphasis on business-relevant imagery. For the font and colour of the website, we focused on simplicity to prevent the site from looking dishevelled.

We focused on minimal navigation requirements. We also inserted a page dedicated to our clients’ most prestigious projects to convince potential customers that they were the right choice. At the end of the website, proper contact information, newsletter subscription form, and credentials were inserted with bold font and imagery to catch the attention of the visitors.

The Outcome.

The result was a professional, comprehensive, and user-friendly website with a sophisticated and sleek look. The new site is much more attractive to the target audience. We were able to meet all the requirements of our client before the deadline. Website responsiveness was super-fast and navigation was quick and easy. The site features and capabilities do a great job at guiding visitors through the funnel. A month later, the website saw impressive results. Visitors increased, session duration went up, and the bounce rate was reduced significantly.  

naffco's firetruck
naffco aviation's website responsiveness on all devices

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