Maknoon is a luxury oil brand that honors Levantine culture through the use of olives and olive oil for culinary purposes.

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Their products are made from the purest of ingredients, sustainably and ethically produced by local farmers. From the packaging to the product itself, Maknoon guarantees a luxurious experience. Their oils are perfect for home use, corporate orders, and making exquisite gifts.

The brief.

Maknoon reached out to us and sought our help in optimising their website completely according to Google’s latest algorithms and carry out SEO as well as create landing pages for the same. Our client wanted to ensure that the website was refined and luxurious in tune with their products. They also sought social media consultation to increase their visibility on various social media platforms.

Additionally, it was important that the website was attractive to their target audience. The website had to be easy to use, responsive, and exude a premium feel. The client also wanted us to create a blog for their site with industry-relevant content that was properly optimised for SEO.

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scope of project

Case Study Maknoon image05
Case Study Maknoon Image04
maknoon's olive oil with garlic and bread
maknoon's olive oil bottles
olive oil with herbs

Improved and Strengthened Organic Visibility.

The challenge.

We had to create a brand-new website from scratch. To ensure the website reflected the brand’s aesthetics, we had to focus on minimalism and luxury while at the same time providing complete information about the brand and their products. Moreover, the navigation had to be easy and quick. Being an e-commerce site, we also had to properly integrate it with trusted payment channels to give a sense of security to visitors while purchasing.

We also had to execute intense SEO keyword research and practices to attract organic traffic. Additionally, we faced the huge task of bringing the website from sandbox to the SERP in an intensely competitive market. All these tasks had to be accomplished within a limited time frame.

olive oil with olives and herbs
maknoon's landing page

The solution.

Our team had an elaborate conversation with Maknoon representatives about their goals and requirements. Our team of copywriters, SEO specialists, and web designers carried out extensive research and presented their plans to Maknoon. After discussion, we created SEO strategy that was ideal for their brand. The landing pages reflect the website’s design and objectives, are completely devoid of any unnecessary displays, and are easy to navigate. The website was also linked with their social media pages.

The Outcome.

The final result was a simple and elegant landing pages with proper SEO optimisation, social media integration, and payment channel integration. The client was very pleased with the website and landing pages.

As of now, their website has already started to rank among the top three pages of SERP. The number of unique visitors has seen a continuous rise, and sales through the website have also

witnessed respectable growth. The client continues to provide exceptional luxury oil products to their clients.

the levantine collection by maknoon
maknoon's website responsiveness on all devices

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