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Dating back some 800 years to the 12th century, Kirkstall Forge is regarded as one of the UK’s oldest continually industrialised sites. From metal works and iron production to engineering, this site played a key role in the industrial revolution. Following a restoration project brilliantly executed by CEG, Kirkstall Forge has become a pioneering new place to live and work.

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Featuring over a thousand new homes, 300,000 Sq. Ft. of office space, 100,000 Sq. Ft. of leisure and retail space, a railway station, school, much more, Kirkstall Forge has become a thriving community. At its core is a sense of community and local pride combined with a drive to be as industrious as possible.

CEG started out in 1989 and are a company that deals predominantly with commercial estates management services. With offices in London, Leeds, Birmingham and Cornwall, their portfolio spans a huge range of projects spanning numerous sectors including retail, industrial, mixed-use sectors, office and even residential. Kirkstall Forge is, to date, their biggest and most ambitious undertaking.

the brief

As with any new development, the goal is always to generate awareness and to get people interested enough to want to inquire further. Given Kirkstall Forge’s rich history, this was a rather interesting project for us to work on. Despite Kirkstall Forge being some 800 years old, the solution was to look to modern technologies to facilitate their requirements in full.

The main goal of the client was to lease out the high-end office space available at their new office plot. To that end, edirect were requested to render both social and PPC services to help promote Kirkstall Forge across modern platforms. This would help them to reach the widest audience possible and to engage with a younger generation who would be the lifeblood of this ambitious new project.

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scope of project

PPC, Social Media

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Generating interest in the project

the challenge

The first set of challenges that we faced related to their social. The client requested that we increase the number of inquiries that they received by generating more interest in the project. Naturally, we needed to avoid inquiries that wouldn’t lead anywhere, and so we had to generate social interaction which would lead to more meaningful inquiries.

Our team had to work closely with their marketing team throughout as it was important for us to understand the project. It was also important for them to understand what it is we were doing for them and how it would benefit them in the long-run.

For their PPC campaign, we again needed to generate more quality inquiries and promote a more meaningful engagement between the client and their intended audience. We needed to ensure a strong pipeline of new inquiries and ensure that existing ones were maintained throughout. The final challenge was to anticipate where there would be any barriers to sale.

The biggest challenge was to introduce a dynamic reporting system which the client could be trained to interact with. This would provide them with real-time access to an online dashboard which would display metrics such as search terms, number of clicks, average position, cost and average CPC. Such a dashboard would need to be customisable allowing the client to switch around and switch out modules, thereby, creating a customised dashboard.

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the solution

As part of their social media campaign, edirect adopted a targeted approach which saw the number of inquiries that the client receives double. Not only was the total number of inquiries increased, but the quality of these inquiries was improved too. Our team also worked alongside the client’s marketing team with both teams imparting knowledge that helped us to achieve complete success.

In terms of Kirkstall Forge’s PPC campaign, there has been a vast increase in the number of inquiries received since we took over. We’ve maintained their audience list and CRM and have strategically incorporated a strong pipeline of new inquiries. In addition, we’ve also maintained any existing inquiries that the client has already received further funnelling them towards completion.

Finally, we drew upon our advanced knowledge of all PPC platforms and analytics to create a full-step funnel that analyses where there may be any barriers to sale.

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