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First Advanced personnel are a team of professionals who bring with them a high standard of excellence of training and expertise, with up to 25 years of experience in the safety and security fields at our affiliated companies in Lebanon and Qatar. First Advanced management and employees are licensed, trained, and experienced, therefore providing their valued customers with the utmost level of satisfaction.

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First Advanced’s commitment to provide the best customer services will provide high end products and customized solutions to the benefit of customers and to protect their premises as per international standards.

the brief

First Advanced, based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is one of the globe’s foremost producers and suppliers of top-quality firefighting equipment, fire protection systems, fire alarm systems, and safety engineering systems. Their vision being creating a safer world for our lives, properties and environment, their mission is to add value to the community and its people.

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scope of project

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Intuitive, Aesthetic, and Informational

the challenge

First Advanced found the most reliable Web Design Agency in edirect. Our client approached us with a detailed list of requirements. An attractive, optimal and intuitive website was required that could be navigated with ease. It was vital that the website reflected the brand’s mission, vision, experience, and excellence. It was imperative that the brand’s target audience had access to an error-free and responsive version of the site. In addition, the portfolio of the company needed to be presented in an appealing manner. Perfectly phrased content was just as crucial as the design and images since that would be the primary source of information and it would also be a representation of the company’s values.

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The solution

Web designers at edirect carefully observed the target market before devising a strategy. In the end, we settled on the aesthetics, font, and design of the website after exchanging ideas with the business owners. The full functionality of the website was achieved using WooCommerce capabilities.

The primary colours chosen were red, white, and black, which aligned with the organization’s vision and mission while appealing to the target audience. A copywriting team provided content for the website. The team developed content not only in compliance with the design but also covering the brand’s market, services, and business activities. The graphic designing team came up with the right images and graphics bringing together the design and content together.


With an intuitive design, the new site demonstrated the brand’s aesthetic while being quick to load and easy to navigate. Furthermore, it clearly displayed the brand’s primary message, helping customers to locate what they were looking for. After launching their new site, First Advanced gained a lot of attention in the Fire Fighting Equipment industry and has seen an increase in brand awareness.

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