ERRA is an informative, bilingual website designed for the Saudi Arabia Government by edirect. Despite being content-rich the website is not mundane. The website features all the necessary information along with sharp, modern, and relevant graphics. The second phase of the website consists of seamless payment integration, membership features and more.

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ERRA or Emirates Reprographic Rights Management Association aims to protect authors and the publishers by appropriate laws and legislation that safeguard their rights as content creators. On behalf of authors and publishers, ERRA monitors, manages, and protects copyrights efficiently. By integrating a comprehensive approach to managing reprographic rights, they manage literary works contractually transferred to them.

the brief

Since ERRA is a brand-new venture, the prime focus was clarity. The message and awareness that ERRA’s website needed to convey to its audience had to be comprehensible. Secondly, as a venture of the Saudi Arabia Government, the website needed to be bilingual.

User-friendly interface, self-explanatory content and smooth navigation were few of the most indispensable elements required for the website.

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scope of project

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Rich in content, graphics, and a user-friendly interface.

the challenge

The website is divided into two phases. The primary phase needed to be loaded with information yet be extremely interesting. The challenge was to modify the available content and make it comprehendible. Secondly, the same content had to be translated correctly into Arabic by our Arabic copywriters.

Our team of developers and graphic designers had to work closely in order to integrate the designs with relevant animations and other features.

The second phase consisted of much more complicated tasks such as payment integration. Additionally, the website needs a membership sign-up and registration portal making it even more accessible to the audience.

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The Solution and Outcome

Multiple meetings were held to break down the work hierarchy from the designers to the copywriters and developers. Several mock-ups were made, deleted, and recreated before the final designs were finally created and approved by the clients. This was followed by the planning and writing of high-quality content.

It wasn’t long before the development team started compiling all assets. Working diligently in the backend, they eliminated any possible issues and made the website easy to navigate and responsive on all devices.

Last but not least, the marketing team made the necessary changes to comply with Google’s algorithm.

To the masses, a website may appear as a single digital page, but it is actually the culmination of the efforts of a team. ERRA is an example of this. It is a combination of intelligent yet understandable content, seamless navigation, modern designs that still represent the Saudi Arabia’s heritage and responsiveness. It is a reflection of skills, hard work and teamwork.

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