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Dubai Municipality is one of the largest government institutions in the United Arab Emirates. Managing work across six vital government sectors, the company is widely considered to be one of Dubai’s leading growth and development institutions. With over 11,000 employees working across 34 departments, the institution has only continued to grow since its establishment in 1954. The expert management of these sectors has helped to make the company the success it is today.

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The goal for Dubai Municipality is to develop and manage a happy and sustainable city. Through the work of dedicated staff who work closely with clients and government representatives, the company is able to strive towards a city that is ideal for sustainable living. The institution’s continued efforts have helped to make Dubai one of the most sustainable and advanced cities in the world.

the brief

Dubai Municipality approached our team at edirect to have a new website built that was a fair representation of the institution’s stature. The website would need to be easy for users to navigate and allow them quick access to all the relevant information regarding the company’s work. As such, menus needed to be clear, concise, and responsive.

To give users an immediate impression of the professionalism of the institution, the website needed to have a stylish design that would represent clearly the company’s vision, ethos, and capabilities. It was vital for the website to serve as a new look for the institution and one that would be immediately identifiable for users.

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scope of project

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Dubai Municipality-case study
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An immediate impression of the professionalism

the challenges

After establishing Dubai Municipality’s goals through an initial consultation, the biggest challenge lay in that fact that the company needed several original websites to be merged into one. This meant that a lot of information concerning the company’s different departments would have to be presented clearly on a single new website. As such, we needed to find a way to make all the relevant information accessible to users, without overwhelming them and still making the website easy to navigate.

Dubai Municipality-case study
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the outcome

We worked closely with the client throughout the process in order to create a design that was practical and satisfied all their needs. Our team established a working relationship with the client, and their helpful feedback allowed us to make the necessary changes to the website. Through this collaboration, we managed to deliver a sleek and stylish new website.

Our web design team came up with a clear and easy-to-follow menu system that allowed users to quickly find all the relevant information, which was successfully brought over from the existing sites. This information was presented in an easy-to-digest format so that users would not feel bombarded with text. We also included several custom graphics, videos, and images on the site that kept each page engaging and would give users a better idea of the company overall.

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