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D&D London are a group of diverse restaurants, bars and hotels founded in 2006 following a buyout of Conran Restaurants. With venues situated in London, Paris, New York and Tokyo, D&D has become a major player, particularly in and around the capital’s celebrated restaurant scene. Their prestigious portfolio includes restaurants such as Quaglino’s, Le Pont de la Tour, Coq d’Argent and Bluebird.

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D&D are widely recognised as industry-leaders in regards to the way they remain environmentally conscious as well as the way in which they support numerous charity partners. Today, D&D own and operate 35 restaurants and an award-winning hotel.

the brief

For the brief, edirect were requested to increase D&D’s brand presence while developing for them a way to directly track a range of metrics including cost and clicks, keywords, average position and more. We were tasked with generating more interest in the business while providing the client with an easy and intuitive way to track the progress.

Our team worked closely with the team at D&D from the outset to measure and increase the amount of footfall. This involved helping our client to find new ways to entice more customers into their restaurants in order to generate more revenue. Given the number of venues involved and the scale of the project, this was one of our more ambitious undertakings and was definitely not void of challenges.

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scope of project


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dynamic reporting system

the challenge

The biggest challenge was to introduce a dynamic reporting system which the client could be trained to interact with. This would provide them with real-time access to an online dashboard which would display metrics such as search terms, number of clicks, average position, cost and average CPC. Such a dashboard would need to be customisable allowing the client to switch around and switch out modules, thereby, creating a dashboard customised for each different restaurant.

The next challenge was to introduce a different type of call tracking which would work more effectively for this specific client. Covers and bookings needed to be tracked and a low-cost booking needed to be achieved. Of course, the most obvious challenge going into this project was the number of restaurants we would be effectively managing.

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the outcome

In the beginning, we started off with one of D&D’s restaurants and began by introducing a different type of tracking, including call tracking. We also introduced the dynamic reporting system mentioned above, and through this, the client can now measure important information such as bookings, covers and the total average spent per head.

Furthermore, not only are we able to provide this information for PPC and social, but we can also separate the information based on channel. This way, the client can see the same information from other channels, such as direct traffic, organic, referral and much more. Plus, with the new tracking in place, we can now track covers as well as bookings, and our efforts have resulted in an extremely low cost per booking overall.

Due to the success of our efforts, these same processes were then applied to venues spanning D&D’s entire portfolio. To date, edirect currently manages over 22 D&D owned restaurants.

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We’re pleased to say that the campaign was a complete success, and as a result of our efforts, the client saw a substantial ROI. In fact, the average ROI for their restaurants was recorded at 3400% with some as high as…



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