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Cander Group is a digital recruitment company created by seasoned industry experts and strives to offer exceptional digital, technology, and fintech recruitment services. They are genuinely passionate about improving the lives of their clients and offering the best possible service with utmost transparency.

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Throughout their years in the industry, they have worked with leading banks, consultants, companies, and corporations.

the brief

Cander Group reached out to Edirect to develop their site. Cander group primarily targeted professionals who wanted a quick and convenient experience to find exactly what they were looking for. Their main goal was to help clients find the most suitable employees, and for that, user experience was critical. Our goal was to create a website with an emphasis on simplicity, professionalism, and a seamless user experience. Additionally, we wanted to ensure that it was easy for clients to contact Cander Group through the new site.

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scope of project

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Futuristic, well-defined and dynamic website

the challenge

Cander Group reached out to us with a specific set of requirements. They wanted the site to reflect the company’s goals and success to convince visitors that they are the right company for the best recruitment services. Being a site primarily targeted towards professionals, the client also did not want the site to be stuffed with too much information or gimmicks. Besides the high-quality requirements, Cander Group also wanted us to accomplish the task within a limited timeline.

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the solution

Edirect worked very closely with the representatives of Cander Group to ensure that their new site captured their essence. We wanted to ensure that the site was sleek and simple, and easy to navigate and search with minimal clicking. Our professional web designers came up with a sophisticated website capturing the brand message of Cander Group with deep colours, clear fonts, simple yet business-relevant imagery.

Additionally, we wanted to ensure that the site had a quick response time. Clear and proper contact information was also provided at the bottom of the site, missing in the previous iteration. Afterward, an AB test with minor changes to the font and colour was conducted, and the one with better results was chosen as the permanent site for Cander Group.

the Results

The end result was a simple, sophisticated, easy-to-use, and professional site aligned with Cander Group’s vision. We were able to meet all of our clients’ requirements, much to their delight. A few months after the new site went live, Cander Group experienced increased visibility and clients. They are constantly helping various companies hire the best possible talents.

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