Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank is a leading bank in the Saudi Arabia. Nationally recognized for providing a wide variety of products and services. Their services include retail banking, wealth management, private banking, corporate banking, commercial banking, cash management, investment banking, and corporate finance


ADCB’s objective was completely client centric. Moreover, the goal was to achieve a ‘people of determination’ embracive platform, both online and in their physical branches. The idea was to reconstruct their website with seamless accessibility for ‘people of determination’. ADCB wanted to upgrade their office in compliance with people of determination directives

the brief

As part of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s policy for people of determination, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank required that the content on its website be rewritten by our team at edirect. Further, they needed an “accessibility tool” which would allow the PoD to quickly access all the relevant information without being hindered in their ability to read and understand. As such, the language needed to be clear, concise, and responsive.

It was crucial for the website’s success to have an ‘accessibility tool’ to accommodate people of determination. Therefore, the website had to be completely modified with PoD compliance in place

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scope of project

Web Design and Development

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New Project

Contribution to a noble cause achieved seamlessly and adeptly

the challenges

The ADCB website has total visits of 1.5 million a month, edirect had to make sure not to cause any hindrance while establishing accessibility tool. Several changes were to be implemented related to colours, font size, spacing etc.

edirect had to make sure the daily website visitors were not affected.

Additionally, we were required to install signage, demonstrations that were PoD compliant. Our designers had a challenge to create posts that were simple, self-explanatory, and most importantly, complied with PoD policies.

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the outcome

In order to ensure that the design was practical and met all the client’s needs, we worked closely with them throughout the process. Through our collaborative work with the client, we were able to make changes to the website based on their helpful feedback. As a result, the website had comprehensible content followed by an accessibility tool. The tool had text to voice, text style, colours, and other features.

Right from the symbols and directions to important notice and information, multiple PoD compliant signage and informational graphics were installed in their office.

edirect carried out this project competently. We implemented the required changes to the website as well as their office while keeping the company brand guidelines and message intact.

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