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Print advertising is one of the fastest ways to communicate a message to your target audience. Therefore posters become a key marketing device. These are a creative solution to catch the attention of viewers a lot more easily. This works equally well in intimate and largely populated surroundings.

Attention Grabbing Print Marketing

Print advertisements are one of the fastest ways to communicate a message to your target audience, so posters become a key marketing device. They are a creative solution to catching the attention of viewers a lot easier. They work in intimate and largely populated surroundings alike.

High-quality posters are a great cost-effective way to market your company. When compared to the average cost of printed advertisements in newspapers or magazines, posters are a significantly more affordable alternative that still gets your message in front of the right people. Companies can enlist their employees to hang the posters up with no need to hire additional assistants.

Buying advertising space in magazines or newspapers is costly and usually out of the marketing budget of start-ups and smaller businesses. This is where posters with high-quality graphics provide the perfect alternative solution.

Let us fully understand your requirements

edirect has created countless custom posters for clients in many different industries. Our talented graphic design team will work with you closely to fully understand your requirements. You will have a fantastic selection of shapes, sizes and colour schemes to pick from. From smaller prints informing people about a sale to large posters displaying a new product, we are here to help.

A great benefit of using poster advertising is the ability to fully customise them in a way that makes them appealing to your intended audience. For example, many custom features, such as QR codes or coupons can be added to further encourage dynamic interaction.

Launching a fresh product, an innovative new service or a sale is an exciting time for any company. To greatly increase exposure and brand awareness, posters offer a sure-fire method for getting the word out there with an eye-catching print.


Bold announcement, advertise?

Posters are a particularly good way to promote a set of goods or services as they can include both type and image, or simply one or the other (if carefully designed with a key brand message). If you want to make a bold announcement, advertise a new service or simply announce the presence of your business, a poster is a great option.

Print advertisements within magazines or newspapers will be glossed over and forgotten about once the customer has finished reading the publication. With posters, however, potential clients will see them for as long as you leave them up.

Picking a display area that receives lots of daily traffic will ensure that you reach your potential audience. Combining smart location scouting with the creative designs of the edirect graphics team gets the word out there and lets people know about your brand.

Other cost-effective forms of marketing include:

“Every design created by edirect will be completely bespoke to you and your business”

Why Choose Us?

edirect was founded in 2001. Our company has gone from strength to strength in the past 16 years and blossomed into a full creative agency offering fully search engine optimised websites and high quality graphic design services.

Our graphics team can design your poster from the bottom up, using our own crafted assets. We are also able to work with your own image resources and advise you of any potential print concerns. However, our trusted reprographic operators ensure that any issues are extremely restricted.

We can design to a range of sizes, all of which are fully customisable to your needs. For more information on our high-quality posters, do not hesitate to contact our graphic design department today!

A well-designed poster that has been located where the intended audience will see it is a highly effective method for getting your message out there. We will come up with a design that catches people’s attention and can pique the interest of a potential client and a casual passer-by alike.


A professional business needs a professional image

Creatively designed posters differ from other forms of promotion because they can be used to get the attention of specifically the type of people your company is trying to appeal to. They can be laid out in locations that are specifically chosen due to regular traffic from your target audience. As one of the most flexible and versatile forms of advertising around, you can’t go wrong with promotional posters.

A creative poster design with the right message and appropriate colour scheme makes all the difference in achieving a positive response. The talented team at edirect looks forward to discussing your objectives with you and coming up with a layout that is visually striking and gets the message across immediately.

All clients have individual requirements and different business goals. No two projects are ever the same, which is why the edirect team tailors all services to the needs of the customer. Whether you want a minimalistic design with an almost mysterious slogan or something formal with a clear call to action at the bottom, we will create the perfect layout.

If you have been looking for a way to communicate with your target market, there is no option more cost-effective and traditional than well-designed posters that have been correctly placed where they can be seen by the right people. Attractive printed posters will catch the attention of passers-by and let them know about an event, a sale or a new service. Well thought out designs will stay in the viewer’s mind for a long time and they will associate your brand with a positive visual image.

The single biggest advantage of using posters as part of your advertising campaign is that they can be placed practically anywhere and seen by almost anyone. This is why it’s important to have an effective design that will draw people’s attention immediately.

Whichever industry you are working in, edirect is here to help you create a striking image that gets your message across and piques the interest of even the busiest people walking past the print. If you would like to discuss your requirements further, don’t hesitate to book a meeting at our offices!

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