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A well designed menu goes beyond aesthetic appeal. This is an important device that will help you enhance your customers dining experience, helping them to make satisfying choices and stimulate appetite. A badly designed and cluttered layout will confuse, annoy and leave you with disgruntled visitors.

Help customers make satisfying choices and stimulate appetite

Being the proud owner of a restaurant is something that many aspire to, and the key to being successful is in ensuring that every aspect of your restaurant is perfect. Patrons will often decide whether they like an establishment or not by the way the menu is presented. A well-designed menu that oozes professionalism will impress your diners and make them more likely to come back in the future.

At edirect, we pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers menus that compliment and sell your produce and services in an easily digestible manner (excuse the pun)! Our brilliantly creative graphic design team will create bespoke layouts and styling that enthusiastically engage your audiences and entice them to eat.

To learn more about our design process, continue reading below. If you would like to discuss your design and print requirements in more detail, give edirect a call today on +966 50 707 3370.

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the design process

Creating a new menu is an excellent way of letting your creativity flow. The menu is often the first thing by which diners judge your restaurant, and so you want it to make a good first impression. Our design team will seek to design a menu that not only looks incredible but is easy to navigate and incorporates unique aesthetic touches that signify your brand’s identity.

The design process is taken seriously by our graphic design team but is a two-way process between you and them. We discuss and proof all information to the highest standard, making sure all dishes are displayed accurately with the correct information. We also design and produce menus in a number of sizes and folds. We will even recommend print finishes that will ensure the longevity of your menus in your eating spaces (minimising water and food spill damage).

Each menu that we design will be tailored to complement the colour scheme and décor of the restaurant in question. After all, the last thing you want is a double-sided laminated menu when your restaurant’s theme is fine dining. On the flipside, something over the top and far too elegant might look out of place if your business carries more of a diner-style theme.

Once the overall colour and style of the menu have been created, our team will carefully select the best font to ensure that your menu is easy to read. Simplicity is something that we strive for as an overly complicated menu can be quite off-putting. As well as the various dishes and drinks, we can also include other information such as the history of your restaurant, contact information or social media links. These aren’t included as standard, so please ask if you’d like them to be added.

Once the design process is complete and you are happy with the final design, our reliable off-site print team will produce and send your product straight to your door, upon request.

“Every design created by edirect will be completely bespoke to you and your business”

the benefits of a well-designed menu

According to a recent poll, customers spend an average of 109 seconds looking at a restaurant menu. That’s not a lot of time to create a lasting impression, but if done right, a menu can be an invaluable marketing tool for any restaurant. Put simply; a menu can provide huge benefits which can promote your business in the best possible light.

To start with; it makes your restaurant look more professional, so long as it is perfect and free from blacked out prices, handwritten corrections and typos. What’s more, customers will be able to discern the difference between a professionally produced menu and one that has been self-produced. Your customers expect homemade cuisine, not homemade menus.

With a clear and concise menu, your waiting staff will be able to effectively point customers in the direction of dishes that perhaps bring in a little more money. Individual items can be showcased with less popular lines moved to the middle or back of the menu. A well-designed menu makes for a powerful upselling tool.

A well-executed menu will help to establish your brand’s identity and ensure that it resonates with your patrons and becomes something that they easily remember. If you’ve chosen to include images, this will further enhance the potential of your menu. Customers may be more inclined to try out different dishes if they have been given the opportunity to visualise these dishes beforehand.

Whether it’s a Table Talker for your cafe, large sized menu for your gourmet restaurant, or even a paper price list for your small outlet, we’ll ensure your design sells your service to a professional standard. This creates a trust factor in the overall dining experience you supply customers and ensures that your diners continue coming back for more.

Why Choose Us?

Having started out designing and creating templated websites at competitive prices; edirect has continued to grow going from strength to strength. Over the last two decades, we’ve added more and more strings to our bow. Today, we’re one of the leading digital marketing companies in Saudi Arabia offering a wide range of services intended to facilitate our clients’ marketing requirements.

At edirect, we boast a team of strategic, creative and technical experts with specialisations in a variety of areas. From bespoke website development to carefully planned and integrated SEO or well-executed social media campaigns, our teams relish the challenge that comes from making our clients’ expectations a reality. From small start-up businesses to established companies, our services are adaptable and make us the best choice for all your marketing needs.

Our ethos has, and always will be, to provide creative solutions which work hard to achieve our clients’ objectives. When you choose edirect, you’ll have peace of mind in knowing that your business is in safe and capable hands. With many years of experience to draw upon, we’re well-placed to handle marketing campaigns of any complexity. Whether you require a simple menu leaflet or something a lot more elaborate, our team have you covered!

a restaurant needs a professionally designed menu

Here at edirect, we understand the importance of ensuring that your restaurant stands out from all the rest. You want your diners to keep on returning and to recommend their friends and family.

The best way to achieve this is to serve great tasting food. Of course, if nobody knows about your food, such culinary delights will go undiscovered. With a well-designed menu that looks impressive and is easy to read, your customers will have no trouble discovering everything your restaurant has to offer.

As well as designing and printing menus, edirect are well-placed to provide other services. We can write content to rank your restaurant for keywords in Google. We can create an eye-catching website that will instantly entice your customers. We can even design and build bespoke web applications that provide additional functionality such as table-side ordering and billing.

Whatever you need to make your restaurant a success, edirect are more than happy to accommodate you. With our impressive portfolio of physical and digital advertising services, you can be certain of a bright and prosperous future for your establishment. To learn more about what we can do for your restaurant, call us today on +966 50 707 3370.

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