Infographics are well-known for being a great way of conveying detailed and complex information, data, figures and much more in an accessible format.

Do you want complex information or data in a visually accessible format?

Detail heavy information can overwhelm readers and make the content harder to focus on. With well-designed infographics, companies will be able to simplify information and present it in a much more accessible visual manner.

To put it simply, infographics are visual presentations of information in the form of a chart, a graph or an image that is accompanied by minimal text. They are intended to give easily understood overviews of complex subjects.

In our increasingly data rich world, methods for collecting, analysing and presenting data are constantly evolving. edirect specialises in translating data into a creative medium that is easy to understand by a wide audience. Our infographics will provide you with the perfect tool to allow users to effectively understand and analyse relevant data. For websites focusing on marketing content, infographics are a great tool because they are easily shareable on social media.

The edirect team will make sure that every item on your infographic will convey meaningful information in an easily understandable manner. From minimal text and imagery to charts and relevant figures, all of the different aspects will work together seamlessly for an accessible visual presentation.

Because infographics are a hybrid medium, they are flexible and allow for great creative licence. edirect will be able to incorporate any elements that are appropriate for conveying the data you are looking to present, including photos, icons, graphs and illustrations.

Our professional graphic design team has the ability to create comprehensible infographics that will effectively convey complex information and chunks of numerical data. When you choose edirect, you can be assured that you will receive a creative infographic that will match your requirements and perfectly present the required data in an understandable manner.

All of your infographics that edirect designs will be styled accordingly, so they align with the aesthetics of your existing brand. From web use to large scale prints, our graphic design team will utilise industry standard software, so the artwork can be produced for any platform.


The logo is the most identifiable part of a business. Successful global brands have instantly recognisable logos that people can identify even if they have never been the company’s customer before.

Getting your logo right is vital because it is such an important aspect of any company’s branding process. A logo that is well thought out yet simple will give a fantastic first impression regardless of which sector the company operates in.

The graphic design team at edirect will create a logo that will help you to convey a professional image and leave a memorable impression. Opting for a professional logo design will be a long-term investment that will show you great returns due to peaked customer interest.

A professionally designed company logo will help existing and potential customers alike associate your business with professionalism. Our creative logo solutions will visually represent your brand as well as your unique selling point.

“Every design created by edirect will be completely bespoke to you and your business”

Why Choose Us?

The edirect ethos is working hard to provide highly creative solutions that help our clients achieve all of their objectives. Founded in 2001, edirect has gone from strength to strength since its establishment.

Starting out as a company offering templated sites at the cheapest prices in Dorset, edirect has since blossomed into a full creative agency with a wide range of services available for companies in many different sectors.

During our 16 years of successful operation, we have developed the skillset to offer completely bespoke sites that have been Search Engine Optimised, and creative graphics of the highest quality. Our reputation for the best value for money in the South is still intact nearly two decades on.

At edirect, we boast a diverse close-knit team of experts within all facets of interactive development, including creative, strategic and technical. No two projects are ever the same and edirect will work with you closely to deliver a service that is tailored specifically for you to meet your needs and business goals.

As the most identifiable part of a business, having a creatively designed logo is a must. Our team will create a professional image that will linger in people’s minds and greatly expand brand awareness.

edirect would love to hear from you to discuss your requirements further. We believe every meeting is a fresh opportunity to create something exciting and original. Get in touch with us to have an inspiring consultation at our offices in the heart of Bournemouth.

A professional business needs a professional image

Infographics will give your company an excellent way to communicate complex data and concepts in a manner that is truly accessible to everyone. At edirect, we are here to help you utilise this excellent medium to its maximum potential.

Through the creative combining of graphics, text and figures, our infographics will make the information easy to understand. The aesthetics of your existing brand will be matched with our infographics that will be usable on all of your platforms.

Our brains tend to process information presented in a visual format better than standard text which makes well-designed infographics one of the best ways to increase engagement. When people hear the word “data” they will probably think of something boring whereas putting information into a new form through infographics will engage people who would not be interested in an alternative medium.

What matters most in an infographic is the story behind it. Storytelling is a vital part of marketing and infographics give you a great opportunity to creatively share information in an engaging visual way. An infographic that has been well thought out will get a far more positive response than simply directing people to a blog or putting out a generic post on social media channels.

While long form content certainly has its place, infographics are a great way of supplementing the company’s other content requirements. Not only will edirect’s infographics visualise the information that you are putting out there, they will also allow the readers to refer back to it by giving context to the content in an easily understandable way.

Finally, infographics are very easy to share, which is very important in our busy digital world. Whether you are looking to spread the message to customers through social media or internally between the employees, infographics are the perfect medium for getting complex information across quickly and clearly.

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