A great advertising platform to get noticed, flyers are one of the most cost-effective methods for promoting your business, as they are purchasable in large quantities at a low cost. However, that doesn’t mean that they are an insufficient advertising avenue by any means – not when designed well!

Cost-effective Marketing

Flyers can be adapted to suit the needs of every business and offer a great advertising platform that will be noticed by the masses. When using flyers, your business has a chance to create a favourable and long-lasting impression with large sectors of the general public. At edirect, we are able to design and print high-quality flyers that fulfil these expectations.

Even though we live in a technologically advanced world, flyers are still a very valuable promotional tool. Flyers are cost-effective but highly effective when it comes to getting your message across. No other method will give you a better return on investment than a well-designed flyer.

edirect is here to help you create professionally designed flyers that perfectly present the message you are trying to spread. Regardless of whether you are looking to promote an event, offer a discount or increase general brand awareness, we will create a bespoke design that is eye-catching and tailored to your company.

Creating a compelling flyer takes thought and planning, which is where edirect comes in. Our talented graphics team will come up with a design that will make your brand stand out from the competition.

Flyers are a great way of spreading awareness because they offer a more personal touch. Even if the recipient puts the flyer away into their bag or pocket, they will look at it later. A creatively crafted design will create trust through visual appeal.

There are many ways to get the word out there through the use of professional flyers. You can enlist assistants to hand them out on the street, post them through letterboxes or leave them on the counter at your retail outlet. The possibilities are truly endless with this traditional method that will always have a secure place in advertising.

Oasis Flyer

Whether you require typographical information, impactful graphics or a mixture of both, our graphic design team will create a solution that grabs attention. We resist the urge to cram your layout full of words, instead choosing professional design principles to ensure your marketing material is legible, communicating your corporate message clearly.

For example, as a general rule, we recommended to restrict the use of font styles in your flyer design. Less is more in this regard. We insist on a maximum of two font families, in a variation of bold, italic or regular versions of the same font – revealing how our design team takes low-budget marketing materials as seriously as the rest!

Flyers can be used in many ways to get the word out there, including door to door mail drops, hand to hand street distribution, in-store distribution and newspaper or magazine inserts. As a tried and tested method, flyers are guaranteed to generate the necessary buzz around your product, promotion or event.

There are no limits to the creative possibilities of flyers. edirect has years of experience in designing flyers that will stand out while effectively highlighting the main message. From the standard A5 sizing to custom A4 flyers, you will have many options to choose from.

Clients have different needs, professional goals and aesthetic requirements that need to be adhered to. We will work with you closely to come up with a sleek design that incorporates every element required. Whether you are looking for a single slogan in bright colours or a detailed flyer with a bullet point list and a call to action, we will offer you a bespoke design that achieves the objective.

Other cost-effective forms of marketing include:

“Every design created by edirect will be completely bespoke to you and your business”

Why Choose Us?

Like most of our print design services, our graphic designers are able to design flyers to suit your needs and budget. For effective and professional flyers that add another dimension to your advertising, choose edirect.

edirect was established in 2001, starting out as a provider of templated websites for the cheapest prices in Dorset and the surrounding areas. We have gone from strength to strength during the past 17 years. Our agency now offers fully bespoke sites and the highest quality graphic design services.

Our unique team consists of experts in all aspects of interactive development: strategic, technical and creative. Most of our work comes from customer recommendations with a smaller percentage through self-marketing.

Flyers are a great tool that allow companies to compact a lot of information into a small area. Our graphic design team will come up with the ideal layout to compact the information in a clearly understandable way onto a suitable template.

We will work with you closely to provide a tailored design that will help you meet your business goals. All of our clients have unique requirements and we will build our services accordingly to meet their needs.

With years of experience, edirect is ideally placed to work with you to create eye-catching flyers. Our team has the skills and capabilities to come up with fantastic designs that will perfectly present the information that you are looking to spread.

One of the key benefits of flyers is how flexible and versatile they are. With no strict limits on word count or layouts, they can include all the information that is required to get the desired message across. The edirect graphic design team will ensure that the final print is visually pleasing and organised.

A professional business needs a professional image

Flyers provide a tried and tested method for increasing audience awareness. While we are living in a digital age, well-designed flyers with a clear message and crisp layout are still an important marketing tool that shouldn’t be overlooked.

A well-designed flyer is an indispensable marketing tool because customers are more likely to research your event or brand when holding something physical in their hands. The most effective flyers are cleverly designed while getting the main message across immediately.

edirect will offer you a quality finish that will be effective in getting people interested in what you are promoting. Whether your company has a colour scheme in place that needs to be followed or you want something completely different, our graphic design team is here to help.

Flyers aren’t normally used instead of online promotion but rather to work alongside it. Visually striking flyers offer a great way to create early awareness about an event, a brand, a promotional offer or an upcoming sale.

Best of all, flyers are very cost-effective. You will see a great return on investment when opting for high quality flyers as designed by the creative team at edirect. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements today!

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