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Build a robust magento e-commerce site that conveniently meets your needs and those of your customer’s solutions. Magento is a top-notch web engine that can be applied to practically any business with the right customisations. It is the kind of tool that you need to match your business growth initiatives.

Superb Shopping Platform Experience on your Magento Website.

We live in an era where customers can order literally anything from the comfort of their seats. However, that does not mean that they will buy just from any given site. They will always turn to websites that offer them the best shopping experience and provide the solutions that they are looking for.

With Magento, you are capable of building an e-commerce website that will make your customers keep coming back for more. Such a website provides you with the perfect opportunity to sell your products within the shortest time possible. This website engine takes the lead in creating a truly native e-commerce platform. Powered by PHP, the open-source platform provides merchants with one of the most flexible shopping cart systems.

With Magento ecommerce services, you do not have to worry about control. You are in charge of how you want your website to look, the flow of content, and the overall functionality of your e-commerce website. Given that this platform targets e-commerce clients, it can meet the needs of users better than any other tool. You are provided with world-class marketing resources to help you sell more. The fact that Magento is entirely SEO-friendly makes it unbeatable.

In our company, developers understand your needs for a customised Magento ecommerce website in Saudi Arabia. We have what it takes to build you a website that communicates your message just as you need it. Whether this is your first time in the e-commerce world or you want to upgrade your current website, we are up to the task. Our website design Riyadh team has years of experience developing agile website solutions.

Our Magento Ecommerce Website Development Solutions.

We are your #1 Magento ecommerce development company in Riyadh. We do not just start creating websites without understanding your unique situation. Our expert team takes time to understand your competitors before the actual development can begin. We carefully analyse what goes on their websites and then use the latest technologies to build a website that surpasses expectations. Your specifications are taken into consideration as we do the best solutions. The overall goal is to ensure that you have a website that excels in all areas.

We leave nothing to chance. We take it upon ourselves to give you the functionality that will meet your business solutions while at the same time providing powerful functionality. With the planning phase tackled, our company gets started with the work of building a new website from scratch. Unlike WordPress-powered websites, you will have to wait a little bit longer before your site is completed. This is because everything is being designed in a way that will culminate into a bespoke, unique online store designed exactly for your business. Magento prides itself on being a unique platform.

Have you ever encountered a project team that does not update you on their progress? The wait can be quite nerve-wracking. At edirect, a leading web design company believe that we are supposed to carry you along every step of the way. We periodically inform you what is going on. This way, you can see what you do not like in the work and ask for changes at an early stage. The objective of keeping you informed is to ensure that nothing is missed.

Furthermore, you get a personal Account Manager to whom all queries and information can be passed. The account manager will reply to all your questions, simplifying any technical details. After we are done building the whole site, you have the liberty to ask for additional services that can help you target the right audience. These include search engine optimisation, email marketing, social media marketing, and PPC services.

Key Features

You have every reason why you may want your e-commerce website built in Magento. This is because the platform has a wide range of features that can save you valuable time as you attempt to tweak and customise a few things. The following are just some of the many features you are sure to get when you allow us build your website based on Magento.

Flexible product listings.

One thing that makes a Magento website stand out is the ability to configure product listings such that they either have complex variations or follow a simple structure. The flexibility is not just felt in product listings. For instance, you have the option to select between two different Magento versions to meet the needs of businesses of various sizes. Furthermore, numerous themes and templates can be used to build a unique website.

Mesmerising website speed.

No customer has the time to wait for your website to load products, data and services. Slow websites tend to have the highest bounce rates since customers leave long before they see what you have to offer. Our company can develop the right structure for your Magento website such that it operates at crazy speeds & recognised as the best platform. Your site is designed with consideration of standard coding guidelines for the best performance. We also offer specialised e-commerce web hosting dedicated hosting that’s setup for high traffic and server-intensive requests, ideal for Magento shopping solutions.

Simplified category pages.

There are a wide range of filters in this platform that customers can use to get exactly the products that they need. Features such as; wishlist, advanced searches, layer navigation, product comparisons, email lists, and content management systems, you are sure that your customers will have an easy time on your website.

Better way to manage offers and discounts.

Magento makes it possible to execute certain rules such as offers and discounts that can be automatically applied to qualified customers. Even more intriguing is the system’s availability of order management features. With these, you can perform operations like creating invoices, generating email notifications, and printing packing slips, among others. Customers will also have an easy time at check-out since they will be taken step-by-step throughout the payment process. Integrate as many payment options as you want.

Define shipping elements.

You are in control of how you would like shipping to be done for your store, whether by fixed delivery costs or complex delivery charges defined by location, weight, and price. This is a feature that comes in handy especially if you are serving numerous locations and selling goods of varied weights.

“Magento ecommerce websites play a central role in the growth of your business”

“Allowing your website to grow with your developing business.”

Extra bespoke elements.

Besides the vital features & solutions highlighted above, there are a number of other Magento site bespoke elements that you will find necessary for your business. Feel free to request these elements during the consultation process.

Search engine optimisation.

If you want your website to rank higher on Google search results, then SEO is a matter you must take seriously. We are capable of customising your website to be SEO-friendly based on relevant keywords. With Magento, you can also tackle other aspects like duplicate content, page traffic, indexing, landing pages, and much more. You are bound to receive more traffic by adding a blog to your website to increase your organic search results. We have a dedicated Local SEO Services team that can further your Magento online store presence.

Automated email marketing.

You can integrate personal customer updates and newsletters into Magento system. These will be sent out automatically at preferred intervals.

Loyalty points.

A loyalty points system is an effective way to develop a large database of loyal customers. Such a system can be implemented in Magento. It will help customers prefer buying from you rather than your competitors.

Google shopping.

Get more opportunities to accurately target your customers by adding your website to Google Shopping. In so doing, you will be able to send relevant product information to the right customers.

Why Choose Us As Magento Development Company?

edirect developers have years of experience creating Magento Ecommerce development that matches client needs and surpasses expectations. We are your go-to Magento ECommerce Web Design and Development Company in Riyadh. If you need an e-commerce site that will make you stand out from the competition, we have you covered. We pride ourselves in providing top-quality web services at customer-friendly prices.

No matter how complex you might think your requirements are, we can break them down into pieces in a way that makes sense. We are capable of designing and building customised websites from scratch. These sites are integrated with a host of modern features which offer a world-class shopping experience. Our team of talented developers works on each website to ensure it has the kind of preferred functionality.

Furthermore, due to the numerous top-notch services that we offer, we can seamlessly handle your entire marketing campaign. When you turn to edirect, rest assured that your online store business will be in the perfect position to grow at a rapid rate.

If you have more queries regarding Magento ecommerce development services; call us on +966 50 707 3370.

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