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The popularity of recruitment agencies has surged over the years. A bigger number of companies today depend on these agencies to fill vacant positions and projects. As that happens, more and more job seekers and professional candidates also use recruitment agencies to look for work. Therefore, the platforms ought to be as comprehensive as possible, yet at the same time easy to navigate through on the front end for the user.

They must incorporate the latest technologies to make them appealing to both employers and job seekers. That is exactly what edirect does; we create recruitment agent systems that are sure to take your website to the next level.

create the best recruitment agency website in Saudi Arabia

If you want to have the most outstanding job consultancy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, then you must be ready to invest time and resources in it. Such a website must have effective job feed solutions, showing the latest job openings, powered by an easy to use search and filtering engine. edirect developers have the skills and personnel to develop such an agency system from scratch or can integrate your current one with third-party systems and software using advanced APIs, for example.

Maybe a company uses your recruitment platform to look for employees. They will want to be sure that they will get the right candidate. It can be quite frustrating to spend time looking for talented personnel only to end up with poorly-matched employees. At edirect, we ensure that our candidate management system functionality is extremely accurate so that companies hire the right team members.

Also, it’s important for potential candidates to have a great user-experience navigating your recruitment website. With our expertise in designing recruiting applications, we can ensure that all our Saudi Arabian recruiting agency software is designed and developed to fulfil your needs exactly. We build customisable recruitment software programs that are cost-effective solutions for your business saving you both time and money, leading to increased revenue.

All recruitment agent systems are highly customisable. We design and develop every one specifically for your business needs so that you’ll possess a state-of-the-art recruitment website that’s right for you, based on your own unique requirements. Also, because we are a complete digital solution provider, we can speed up your existing website with dedicated server hosting that can also boost your online recruiting business.

There are many functionalities and modules that can be included or added on to get optimal recruitment and applicant analysis and tracking information for recruiters. We make it possible for the user to easily perform a number of activities like:

  • Searching for vacancies
  • Registering for a vacancy
  • Uploading CVs and academic documents
  • Downloading time sheets
  • And more!

We fully integrate these systems into your business so that you get the kind of skilled applicant required for the posted position. Automated filtering and matching of data ensure you’ll uncover the ideal applicant you are looking for, for each role being advertised.

key features of recruitment agent websites

A recruitment agent website is not your regular site. It must have the right features for it to be of benefit to your business. The following are the key features for what’s commonly termed, ‘head-hunting’ software; recruitment software for agencies, SME’s and multinationals alike:

Applicant tracking system automation.

It is a known fact that recruiters do not have the time or even manpower to personally go through all applications they receive on an advertised vacancy. As the hiring volume increases, the recruiters are bound to face more time limitations. Due to these difficulties, it is vital that the recruitment system automates repetitive activities that are known to take a lot of time. Having an applicant tracking system that is automated will save your company vast amounts of time and money. This also frees up time for staff to conduct other tasks to maximise productivity.

Our recruitment agent systems incorporate features like resume screening, candidate outreach, sourcing, and interview scheduling. Of course, a full recruitment CRM, or customer relationship management system, can be incorporated into your custom recruitment development build. Other features such as email, calendar, and candidate screening with analysis tools can also be integrated and automated. Having Resume Screening Software integration speeds up the task of finding the perfect applicant. These tasks usually take away most of your time if implemented manually, and we program in solutions such as these to fill your needs. The time saved can be used to address other pressing business issues.

So don’t worry or struggle about figuring out what should be automated and what should be left as it is. Our recruitment systems’ developers have vast experience in this area having built many recruitment software packages for clients around the world, so we know what a recruitment consultancy’s automation needs are and will apply solutions that are right for you and your business requirements.

Best recruitment software integrations.

A large number of recruiters do not have the knowledge that technologists have having spent years building systems. As a result, the recruitment world today needs recruiting agency systems which have options to easily integrate their own software tools and existing data streams. Our team of software developers combine with our web design and web development departments to seamlessly bring development projects to life.

Our recruitment software engineers ensure perfect platform integration and a pleasant online web experience for the end user.

edirect in Saudi Arabia builds recruitment systems for businesses throughout the Saudi Arabia that simply work. Agencies will have an easy time integrating their own software feeds into other job listing websites with xml feed compatibility and functionality.

You do not have to worry about letting go of existing tools that proved quite useful to you in the past. Front end development and back end operations such as data analytic tools and automated multi-posting of job listings can be ported into your new recruitment system.

Social media recruiting strategy.

There are companies that rely on social media recruiting tools. Most of their preferred platforms include LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. We all know that this approach has its own set of challenges, but there are cases where it works pretty well. Thus, as you consult with us for a recruitment agent system, you do not have to worry about not being able to also use social media as part of your recruitment process.

edirect can develop a custom social media recruitment strategy as part of the plan to position your recruitment website above your competitors. We will design a system that can easily integrate with social media feeds that can help you attract candidates more quickly. Your bespoke recruitment system with social media integration will be outstanding!

Combining social networks and bringing them into a single platform widens the net, and offers another form of engagement. With this wider audience, you’ll be able to recruit candidates more quickly and obtain more talented staff.

Powerful recruitment search features.

Recruitment agent systems can be likened to a search engine. When job hunters are on your platform, they will key in specific keywords looking for work. The system must be designed in the most comprehensive manner so that it does a powerful search and returns relevant results. For example, if someone searches for an accounting vacancy, the results they get must be related to this term and not some other irrelevant query.

The power and speed of the search engine also matter. When we develop recruitment agent systems, the search engine we build in is a tool we do not compromise on. We ensure that it is powered by the most effective algorithms and displays results in a way that is easy to understand on the front end, and filters data effectively on the back end.

Migrates data easily.

If you are a start-up, this may not be a feature you are too concerned about at first. However, if you have been in the recruiting business for quite a while, you’ll probably have your HR data stored in another system or spread over a wide range of files and folders. Our recruitment agency systems provide you with a simple solution to easily migrate all of your data into your new system.

Our software will ensure that all information is harmoniously stored in a single platform. You can always rely on us to do migration and backups for you if you do not have an IT department to perform data transfers such as these.

Supports evidence-based decisions.

The fact that you operate in a competitive market means you have to make decisions backed by some kind of evidence. The evidence is essentially processed data. When you choose a recruitment agent system, it must be one that can generate reports and make recommendations after analysing useful data.

At edirect, we have a clear understanding of what evidence-based decisions entails. As such, our systems are built to provide you with relevant job hunter data that is actionable.

custom recruitment system vs third-party system

When you want to incorporate technology into your recruitment processes, you have the decision to either have your own custom built recruitment system or rely on third-party products. Even though using a third-party for hiring may seem attractive, it is a short term fix. The fact remains that your organization will always want to hire someone new, and if you use third-party systems for staffing solutions, expect to be charged on a regular basis via a third-party system.

As years pass by, these charges may soon start straining your budget. Looking into the future, it’s better to have built your own recruitment agency system. Let edirect show you how we build modern applicant tracking software, with recruitment CRM functionality for all sizes of recruitment agencies.

Having a custom-built and data-driven recruitment agent system means you will never have to pay high membership charges to third-party platforms. edirect has vast experience in creating recruitment agent websites to help clients source the right candidates. Visibility online is another area we excel at.

With dedicated SEO Saudi Arabia and social media marketing teams, we can ensure your recruitment website is seen online in the Google search results pages (SERPS) and social media channels. Usability on the front end and also the functionalities on the back-end are a high priority. Each system is customised to fit your organisation. We can add as many features as you want to your recruiting solution.

Whether it’s solely a human resources (HR) software solution, or maybe you specialise in executive recruitment, contract hire, direct hire or purely consultancy, we can create the ideal system build for you.

Our previous recruitment agent developments include:

  • Job Search, Job Filters, Job Listings
  • Job Boards and Job Portal Integration
  • Social Referral Systems
  • CV Upload & CV Search Software
  • Front End Job Posting
  • Time Sheet Download
  • Job Application System
  • Resume Screening Software
  • Training Course Calendar System
  • Training Course Booking System
  • Recruitment Software for WordPress
  • Cloud-Based Recruitment Platforms
  • CRM, Customer Relationship Management
  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
  • Interview Management and Analysis Tools
  • Social Media Integration

Don’t have time to keep your site up to date? worried you don’t have the skills? we also offer website management packages.

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When you choose edirect in Saudi Arabia to build you a recruitment agent website with custom recruitment CRM software, you’ll get more than just a regular ‘off the shelf’ build. We design robust and reliable systems that incorporate all the functionalities, which can help recruiters in the KSA achieve their talent hiring goals.

With flexibility and rich functionality built into every system we make, we don’t just build a platform to compete. Rather, we make sure that it will do exactly what you require. Our team of developers have years of experience developing such recruitment platforms. You can be assured of zero disappointments. Your satisfaction is always our aim.

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