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Deciding on the right real estate agent system for your business can be quite a daunting task. Professional business systems for the property sector have a very unique way of operating, mainly due to the property listing data constantly requiring updates and amendments.

A real estate agent simply wants a great Property Management Software that is simple to use, has all the functionality they require and can outdo their competitors with a super slick frontend! Most corporations and companies normally set aside huge funds in their budgets for this type of system. However, if the wrong estate agent system is proposed, they can end up incurring tremendous losses.

edirect creates the best real estate software solutions that can be integrated into your current website throughout Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. Our systems are designed in such a way that they’ll give you a competitive advantage over other real estate agents. Once fully integrated into your website and with the possibility of mobile app integration, which is a must for digital property portals today, it becomes clear, intuitive, and user-friendly. Your clients will have an easy time navigating it and the risks of putting off customers due to complexity of the platform is mitigated.

All our Middle East real estate systems give you the ability to add, remove, and update property listings with complete ease. All the listed properties can be easily searched by your site’s visitors. With a custom built edirect estate agent system for your online website, you’ll be sure that all visitors that access your site will have an easy time finding any listing in your Saudi Arabia property portal.

Flexible CRM Software.

Having a customised estate agent software solution developed by is vital for any estate agency in the Saudi Arabia that seriously wants to excel and outshine their competitors. With such a sales and marketing tool, you are able to choose the exact functionality that you need. We design these functionalities to be flexible enough to fit within your current and expanding website and your business plans for the future.

Real Estate Data Analytics.

When you make it possible for customers to be able to look at properties online in various ways and even purchase a listed property in a completely automated way, you also limit the amount of time that your staff spends keeping track of what each customer does. That’s because all their actions on your website are automatically registered by the system into your real estate databases. It goes a long way in simplifying the life of your staff with a minimal paper chain and having this actionable saved data that can work for you and be accessed instantaneously. Having quick access to online viewing and booking figures, property sector and market analysis information and a whole host of other real estate agent data analytics is key to maximising both your company’s efficiency and productivity in the long term.

Having sales metrics that can convey the reports and data visually and offer timely insights into conversion effectiveness is essential. Various campaign tracking features can be utilised to highlight what works within your marketing and budget. See instantly how the effectiveness of your campaigns within your client database delivers various results over time.

Simple CRM Administration.

Things can get chaotic easily being a broker in the property listings sector. By investing in an edirect custom built real estate agent management system, you’ll have an easy time administering both your clients and staff details. With clear and concise admin panels that accurately oversee and collate all data input, you’ll find our bespoke property software to be both logical and intuitive for all your daily administration tasks.

edirect estate agent website solutions.

When needing to choose the right estate agent system for your company’s requirements, you must keep in mind all key aspects and considerations so that you are sure the provider you choose will deliver to your exact specifications. edirect in Saudi Arabia is your complete digital solution provider. We’re a web development company at heart, and with a professional team of application software developers, you know you can rely on us to meet all your web designing and application development needs and objectives. Our solutions can be quite astounding in their capabilities and we work WITH all our customers to ensure all our bespoke software ALWAYS leaves you 100% satisfied.

A Customised Real Estate System.

Customisation ensures that you get Real Estate Transaction Management Software built to match your described business model and operational goals. At edirect, our developers build all our estate agent computer systems solely for each client. So a one of a kind estate agency system is built for your business only and not for any competing business. A unique, bespoke, one of a kind property listing and management software solution customised for your company’s specifications and one that you and your staff will love. Unlike open source platforms that have as many features as possible to cater for all kinds of businesses, our software developers will mould and design an incredible estate system that’s built just with you and your business in mind. Thus, only relevant and requested features by you, and agreed suggested features by our development team, will be incorporated.

Customised Real Estate CRM.

You’ll get access to a back-end content management system from where you can update all aspects of each property listing and also have a fully integrated client relationship management system (CRM system). Having a Real Estate CRM would function for customer and contact management, helping you streamline your organisation’s relationships and interactions with new and existing customers.

CRM Performance.

What is the main reason to want a custom built estate agent system? So that it can do a certain set of specific actions, these being designed for you and your customers’ needs. So, how can we make it be more beneficial for your business? The system must be able to do the actual things that you want it to do quickly, efficiently and in a very simple and easy to understand manner. Your staff must find it a cinch to add new listings and update current ones. Also, each property must have the right status such as;

  • For sale,
  • Sold,
  • Under offer
  • Currently let, etc.

All the people visiting your portal or real estate website must also be able to effectively search for properties based on a wide range of factors like;

  • Garden,
  • Number of bedrooms,
  • Kitchen types,
  • Garage,
  • Driveway, etc.

Our edirect application development team first gets to understand what your needs are before we get to the actual development stage. By knowing exactly what your required functionalities are, we will be able to deliver it in a customised package that will surpass your expectations. We are the best real estate systems developers for a reason, and that’s because we deliver outstanding results for all our clients. This reputation we hold dear and is one we constantly drive to improve on. By owning and using edirect’s custom real estate software, your KSA business will easily become one of the most user-friendly and functional property agent sites, which can only lead to an increase in profits and greater ROI’s.

Real Estate CRM Security.

We live in a time where hackers are always coming up with new ways to attack systems. Their main aim is to steal as much data as possible and then execute other harmful attacks. In some situations, all that the hackers want to do is hold you ransom so that you can part with some cash. Whichever their intention is, we all know that such attacks and security breaches are disruptive to the business. Worst case scenario, if your real estate website is compromised, you will be completely unable to do anything on your website. That is why security has to be a chief consideration of any realtor platform.

At edirect, real estate companies in Saudi Arabia can gain access to our safeguarded estate agent systems designed with best in class secure access mechanisms. Using SSL and built-in encryption and authentication systems, we make our systems safe and secure. When we tell you that your system is safe from hackers, we are confident because we know the kinds of protection we include in each of our systems. Before the actual implementation of any system, several security testing assessments are carried out. This is just one example of the many tests that each edirect custom built real estate platform has to go through.

Future Proof  CRM Technology

edirect have been building business software systems for international real estate companies for around two decades. We are definitely not the new kids on the block. With such an established and experienced team, we know what it takes to build systems that function in this current internet sphere, having gained much knowledge and experience in this process over time. We have watched the trends over the years, as the businesses we worked with transitioned from being completely offline to major internet players, making tremendous amounts of sales with the support from our custom real estate systems and other web application and development services.

Throughout all the web applications we’ve created, we look into the future. We do not develop a platform that will work just in the moment; only to find several years down the line obsolete and outdated. Rather, the technology we use will always provide space for scalability and will accommodate foreseeable and unforeseen trends into the future. Current trends are always considered for inclusion. As an example, estate agent window display systems and cable display kits can be incorporated into an Automated Real Estate System on site to maximise your promotional and informational space.

We also liaise with business associates within the realtor industry and have a few employees that are ex-estate agents! This also adds to the wealth of knowledge and expertise to help make recommendations for the best approach and great features to incorporate in the design of any bespoke real estate system we create.

“edirect are experienced with Vebra, Expert Agent, Jupix, and have also built our own listings system.”

Why choose edirect?

We are your number one choice when searching for customised web developers in Saudi Arabia. We have been contracted by international estate agents to build them customised systems that utilise the latest technologies and run exactly to their needs. One such technology that we are continuously and increasingly incorporating into our platforms is the ability to be a scalable cloud-based computing platform provider.

Our joy comes from creating incredible platforms that will leave you mesmerised. When you choose us, you are sure that we shall deliver.

If you are having difficulties spotting what you are looking for, do not worry. Get in touch with edirect in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and we will help turn your ideas into a reality.

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