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At edirect, we design the most dynamic databases for companies in Saudi Arabia, Dubai and throughout the Middle East. As one of the most respected web application development companies in the KSA region, we have a large and constantly growing list of companies with whom we have consulted with, designed and developed database systems for to enhance their online businesses.

Using information databases to gather, process, and store information regarding clients, partners, and competitors can set your business on the path to great success. Websites that are connected to such databases and database management software are able to do more than just display information or gather data from site users.

What is a database?

Whereas we may not give you a linguistic definition of what a database is, when we say you have a database, basically it means that you have your information collected in an organised manner. Large and small businesses with an online presence can use our custom web database applications and software in a number of ways. Let edirect show you what a custom-built information database management system can do for you and your business.

For example, edirect can create a database system that can help your organisation have an easier time organising information regarding your business clients by developing a customer relationship management (CRM) system and by staying on top of all your current employee details. Our information databases have the ability to store product inventory or maybe an in-depth and data rich Saudi Arabian directory of existing and potential clients. You can also use custom built databases for tracking sales, expenses and any relevant financial information. All these options and many more are easy to administer and information retrieval will be just a mouse click away.

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Whenever you contract a developer, most IT companies in KSA will claim to be able to create an information database whereas all that they will do is to build you an ineffective tool that won’t fit your exact business needs and wants. At edirect we make sure that we totally understand your business in the present, and where you want to be heading in the future so that we can tailor a bespoke informational DB system that’s 100% right for you and your current business model. always looks at the longer term view, so we cater for your future expansion and growth. We believe that a good database should give you an easy time storing information and extracting it for analysis.

It also ought to be virtually impenetrable so that you are not worried by hackers and manipulation of data. These are facts that our development team fully understand and we implement on all our customer developed company database systems and software.

If you do not have a database, there is a high chance you could be using Excel or Google Spreadsheets. These may seem to work the same way as a database but they are not as effective as an information database developed by our in-house team. If you want your business to make the most of its data, contact us and we will be more than glad to develop an outstanding information repository for any business throughout Saudi Arabia or globally for that matter.

Data security and privacy.

Even as you plan to make information databases part of your business processes, data security is a key requirement that has to be met. It is vital for two main reasons. First of all, you have the legal obligation to safeguard your customer data. As you collect the data based on their authorisation, you are required to ensure that this data won’t land into the wrong hands.

edirect Saudi Arabia implements the latest data security measures so that your data has the lowest risk of ever being breached. Only authorised people at your discretion will be able to see your informational data, mitigating the risks of information disclosure or leakage. Through encryption and authentication mechanisms, we ensure that the integrity of your data is reliable, scalable and secure. Only authorised people would be able to make changes to the data, configuration files, data structures, or logs. We incorporate the most advanced data security programs which track the transfer of data and locks out possible intrusion.

Technology has developed at such a rapid rate within a short period of time. There are so many things that can be done online via mobile apps, the internet, and other types of networks. With these capabilities, the topic of privacy and sensitive information has become a major issue for organisations. Without regard to the industry you are operating in, you will need to work with the best Saudi Arabian database developers who are aware of the protective mechanisms needed to safeguard your data. edirect has over the years developed highly secured information databases for companies throughout the Middle East, and many other countries through our other regional offices. We keep up with trends and technological advances so that your company information database is current; reflecting the most modern techniques and advancements in security measures and operational technologies.

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What can a database do for your business?

edirect is amongst the leading web designers in KSA and web application development companies for Saudi Arabia that creates distinct operational databases to our clients’ specifications. Over the years, we have helped a wide range of SMEs and large multinational companies setup these repositories of information. The following are some of the things that a database can do for your business.

Internal management systems.

Another management and administration feature that can be utilised is to use a database to create a system behind your website logins. With such a system, you will be able to input staff data, business data, and client details based on a set of requirements you stipulate. Our designed database system would simplify your administrative tasks so that you can concentrate on the things that matter most, namely the growth of your business. That is essentially our main aim at edirect. We want you to be less worried about issues of your business that technology can address and just be focused on the important issues that need your direct involvement. Leave the technological components of a fully featured database system to the Saudi Arabian information database experts!

Data capture and delivery.

With a bespoke informational database from edirect you can create website forms on the front-end of your website and capture the information that users fill. Such information would comprise of email addresses, names, interests, age, among other things. The data can then be stored in the database and extracted whenever needed. Your marketing department will particularly find such details hugely beneficial and potentially lucrative actionable insights can be gained. You could use it to execute customised campaigns, drawing more growth for the business.

Business data analysis.

There are a lot of details that an information database can provide to your business after analysis. Our database management systems and software incorporate robust features making them useful when it comes to analysing your data and keeping track of current and future trends within your niche. Based on the type of data capture and analysis you want to carryout, the information obtained plays a key role in fostering the growth of your business. As such, we make sure that our systems are comprehensive enough for detailed and useful analysis to help you business maximise growth potentials in all revenue streams.

Benefits of using information databases.

There are so many benefits that can be harnessed from implementing an information database for a company. With such an internal management system, you will be better placed to secure your data. Secured data can then be shared within the organisation with much ease. Also note that edirect also can offer all our clients dedicated server hosting that’s super-fast and secure to compliment your relational databases. Another benefit is the ability to offer and impose different access levels for your data. As an example, the company CEO can get full access to everything on the dataset, whereas the receptionist will only have privileges to access the data that they need to administer their job correctly.

Thanks to information databases, you are capable of implementing effective data integration that gives you a clear picture of the business operations and monitors your progress over time. What each and every employee does can be seen much clearer, hence swift matching of roles is easily achieved. Whenever a project comes up, your HR manager can quickly check the database for staff that may have worked on such a task and then perform relevant assigning of roles. The marketing team on the other hand has access to the data they need to execute better marketing and remarketing campaigns.

Data capture and delivery makes it easy for your business to get access to your customer’s vital information like purchasing habits. Whenever new products are being rolled out, this information can be used to make key strategic decisions. The fact that this information in the database is categorically organised helps curb inconsistencies and discrepancies.

Why choose us?

edirect is simply the best developers for customised informational database systems in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our team works hand in hand with you to ensure that you have a great and unique database processing structure that reflects the needs of your business. We are overjoyed when we help organisations throughout Saudi Arabia overcome key challenges so that they can focus solely on their growth. With more than two decades of existence, we have grown from strength to strength to become one of the best Digital Agencies in the KSA region.

Edirect; “The Database System Development Experts For Saudi Arabia and The Middle East!”

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