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Our dedicated server hosting works perfectly for large online businesses that offer an e-commerce website. Companies with multiple stores or large websites with a vast catalogue of pages can benefit enormously with having a dedicated server environment. It provides you with a high level of flexibility, and increased performance benefits your website and your end user experience.

You get to use the hardware resources as you please and perform custom installations configurable to your exact requirements. edirect is a leading provider of dedicated server hosting for the Middle East, Dubai and the KSA region.

When you host your website on one of our AWS dedicated server solutions, you will have full access to a state-of-the-art server environment. Your interaction with the server will be from the high-end perspective, and your website users will notice this with gains in loading times for both mobile and desktop users.

edirect dedicated web hosting for top website performance

We live in an era where a greater number of people spend a larger part of their time on the internet searching for things. They prefer shopping online rather than walking/driving to the nearby store to get what they need. As such, businesses that generously invest in their websites are bound to reap more benefits. They will be able to load customer requests at a much faster speed and will also achieve higher uptimes. A superior user experience equals more sales!

Customers do not have the patience to wait too long before a site can open. When they click on your website link, they expect that it will open instantly. If it takes too long, they quickly close the browser tab and go to the next link that could likely load much faster. There is a high possibility the website they end up preferring over yours is a competitor.

edirect – For Benefits In Speed and Customisation
Professional Saudi Arabia Dedicated Website Hosting Services.

Without taking necessary preventative actions, you could soon see your business traffic and sales decline over time. One such action entails opting for a dedicated server that would ultimately enhance the performance of your site. edirect offer some of the best web hosting for businesses in the Middle East.

All our Saudi Arabia and Dubai web hosting packages take into account such things as Time To First Byte (TTFB). This is just one critical component that plays a part in your website’s page loading times and a Google Pagespeed Ranking Factor. All our business web hosting services take this and many other factors into account to achieve the best performance for your requirements.

When you use our dedicated servers, you will no longer be troubled by issues such as your website regularly going offline or running into technical difficulties. Your customers will have an easy time interacting with your products online and will be more than happy to come back again and again. These are some of the crucial things that end up making a business generate more revenue than its competitors.

edirect provides best in class dedicated servers for businesses in Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Unlike most other providers, we do not relent on quality. When we promise a certain speed, that is precisely what we shall deliver. will provide you with a powerful dedicated server hosting solution that will deliver impeccable speeds!

This is partly due to partnering with and utilising providers such as Amazon Web Servers (AWS), one of the best web servers currently available in the World today.

Advantages over shared hosting.

As opposed to shared server hosting, where there will be multiple clients using exactly the same resources as you, our dedicated servers are solely devoted to your organisation or website. An edirect dedicated server gives your Saudi Arabia business all the control, power and security you need to run your online business at full potential.

A significant gain in edirect providing bespoke dedicated server hosting is that you will not have to worry about websites causing your website to perform poorly. Dedicated hosting means you’ll benefit from only your website being hosted on it, unlike shared server hosting in which many websites congregate on the same server. In times of high traffic volume, your website could be affected by these traffic spikes.

Fully managed hosting.

edirect has a wide range of world-class dedicated server solutions that are sure to increase the productivity and efficiency of your applications and website functionality as a whole. We offer outstanding website management packages and a fully managed hosting service. Our technical team will not only be available to help you out 24/7 on your managed server but also deal with all the technological configurations.

These include such things as website changes, software and hardware update, to name a few. This means you can concentrate on growing your business and let us deal with all the backend adjustments. With our Saudi Arabia dedicated server hosting, you’ll soon reap all the benefits without any worry.

You have every reason to use our dedicated servers. The following are some of the benefits you can expect:

edirect Care About Your Website Performance. That’s Why We Offer Best In Class Saudi Arabia Web Hosting For KSA Businesses.


edirect’s dedicated website hosting services offer a high level of freedom that you cannot get from other hosting solutions. The server is solely yours. Therefore, it can be tailored to meet your specific needs. You can perform any kind of customisation without having to be concerned that you could be interfering with cohabitants. This means you also get to choose and pay specifically for the features that you need.

In the long run, you will find this to be a very cost-effective server hosting approach. edirect offer some of the best dedicated server packages in Saudi Arabia that are both flexible and affordable, helping your online business expand with the ever-changing business and marketing landscape throughout the middle east and beyond.


One common problem that faces shared servers is that websites are often offline. At the time of registration, the provider will promise literally anything just to get you to buy. However, real problems begin when the site has been uploaded online, and you are forever receiving complaints from clients that they are unable to reach your website.

This is not an issue you will face when you choose an edirect dedicated web hosting business service. edirect is committed to ensuring that your business has a 99.99% uptime so that customers never have a reason to complain about being unable to place an order.

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Enhanced performance.

One of the main reasons why you may want to get a dedicated server is to have the best performance possible for your website. Apart from consistent uptime, the website hosted on a dedicated server loads resources at a much faster rate. Customers do not have to wait forever before they can get to your checkout page.

top-notch security

Cybersecurity is a major thing right now. Hackers are forever coming up with new ways to penetrate your website. Those who share the server face the greatest threat. That’s because vulnerabilities on one website could easily be exploited to attack your site. To mitigate such threats, the best action is to have your own dedicated server.

Websites that handle and transfer personal and confidential information require an SSL Certificate. edirect in the KSA can provide and install various SSL certificates based on your security and website needs.

You have access to best in class antivirus protection, and we can perform relevant firewall configurations for you. Furthermore, our dedicated servers are based in secure data centers that possess the highest levels of security from on-site security guards, biometric authentication, and mantraps making them amongst the most secure data centers in the World.

At edirect, security is a top priority and one of our primary concerns. We do not compromise on this. Our technical team regularly maintains the servers to ensure that they conform to the latest security trends and lockout possible points of attack.

Quality hosting solutions to connect with your customers

When you choose one of our Saudi Arabia dedicated hosting solutions, your business will be impacted in a very positive way. The most notable impact will be on how customers begin interacting with you. The fact that slow performance issues no longer derail them means they can complete more actions on your site and can reach your website at any time. This guarantees a superior user experience.

Improving on-site customer experience will develop a greater trust with your visitors. This increased customer loyalty will ultimately drive more sales for your business. Your brand will gain increased levels of exposure on social media channels due to positive user experiences provided by your website being hosted on one of our dedicated servers.

Customised websites and e-commerce platforms are able to make the most of our dedicated servers. The hosting requirements of these websites tend to be unique and cannot be satisfied by just any hosting provider. edirect is one of the leading dedicated hosting providers in Saudi Arabia. We are up to the task to ensure that the requirements of your Saudi Arabian online business are met.

We also offer a full range of online digital media services to complement our dedicated web hosting services. Our in-house team can handle Saudi Arabia SEO, PPC, social media marketing and Saudi Arabia web design to name just a few services. Our specialist digital departments can work seamlessly together to ensure your website not only performs to its maximum potential but is also easily visible to the search engines.

NOTE:  Our Saudi Arabia and Dubai custom dedicated server hosting packages are not exclusive to our own websites developed in-house. We can comfortably provide world-class solutions to a website that was built somewhere else. Our website hosting KSA solutions are available for all businesses throughout the Saudi Arabia and the Middle Eastern region.

Why choose edirect? offers the best Saudi Arabia website hosting services currently available in the Middle East. Part of our group’s digital marketing arm is being a hosting company that’s able to reach impeccable standards in terms of security, uptime, performance, and customisation. We deliver exactly what we promise.

Contact us today, and you will be glad that you did. Our friendly support team will be happy to take you through the whole process of what we do, listen to your requirements, and propose a dedicated hosting package that specifically meets your needs. – “We Offer The Best Dedicated Web Hosting Business Solutions For Saudi Arabia and Dubai Clientele.”

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