Cryptocurrency Payment Solutions in Saudi Arabia.

Make your online business distinctive and customer-friendly by accepting cryptocurrency payments as another means of payment. This new borderless payment method is bound to take your business to the next level. Cryptocurrency is here to stay and will be the global standard in how payments and transactions are made.

As such, it is vital that you find yourself a Saudi Arabian cryptocurrency developer with a clear understanding of this quickly evolving technology. edirect offers cryptocurrency development services for businesses throughout the Middle East. We have the technical experience to incorporate crypto payments into your website or mobile app so that you can receive payments from all kinds of cryptocurrencies.

As a leading cryptocurrency development agency in Saudi Arabia, we are dedicated to making sure that your customers perform fast, secure, and convenient transactions on your website. We specialise in Crypto Payment Gateway solutions to take your website to the next level and maximise the different ways in which customers can pay for goods and services online.

What is a cryptocurrency?

Before we can get into more details, it is important that you have an understanding of what cryptocurrency is. You do not necessarily need to know in-depth technical details so that you can benefit from this revolutionary method of payment. However, having some basic knowledge would help you understand what is going on.

Being a Blockchain Solution Provider, edirect don’t just want to do things for you. We want you to be aware of each and every action we take with you.

Just like cash, cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange. The difference is that this medium is digitally based and utilises strong cryptography for secure financial transactions, verification of digital assets, and creation of new units. You could view it as a database that cannot be altered unless a particular set of rules have been fulfilled. This technology makes cryptocurrency extremely secure.

There are different types of cryptocurrencies available for the KSA. These include:


  • Bitcoin
  • BitOasis
  • ArabianChain
  • OneGramcoin
  • MenaPay
  • Among others


Bitcoin is considered a chief cryptocurrency, with Ethereum being another big player. Bitcoins dominance is mainly because it was the first to be released onto the market in 2009.

Since the emergence of Bitcoin, more than 4,000 other variants have been created! Many of these derive their ideas from Bitcoin (BTC).

It can be quite confusing to decide on the kind of cryptocurrency to accept as a means of payment for your website. edirect has a wide range of experience in this area. Once you have shown the interest to be a part of this revolutionary phenomena, reach out to us, and we shall take it from there.

We will have a look at what your interests and vision are going forward and help you in setting up accepting several digital coins of your choice on a digital payments gateway. We will be glad to customise a Crypto Payment Gateway for your business that could lead you to accepting bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Soon your business could be transacting in Bitcoins and not just SAR!

When cryptocurrency is mentioned, there is always another key associating term – Blockchain. This is a term you need to understand for you to have a better grasp of the whole crypto sphere.

Blockchain In Saudi Arabia

The internet is designed in such a manner that a single email can be copied to an infinite number of users. The fact that crypto currency payments are being completed digitally leads you to believe that the risk of such a scenario could also happen in crypto. That is, a single transaction could be completed over and over again, causing what is referred to as double-spending. This is classified as a type of fraud.

But these types of fraudulent transactions can’t be executed with cryptocurrencies. To avoid it, the entire cryptocurrency set up works based on Blockchain technology. This is a public ledger that has details of any transaction that has ever been performed on the network. All participants of the network are able to view this ledger.

Whenever a transaction is performed on this public ledger, critical information is generated comprising of the sender’s and receiver’s wallet addresses as well as the number of coins involved. The transaction will be taken, assessed for legitimacy before being spread throughout the network and added to a corresponding database. After confirmation, the transaction history is retained. It cannot be reversed or forgotten.

Blockchain in Saudi Arabia ensures that all cryptocurrency transactions will be secure. It gets rid of third parties and blind trust. Everything is done securely. edirect wants you to focus on growing your business and not having to worry about some clients making unscrupulous payments. As such, we can incorporate Bitcoin and other relevant cryptocurrencies into your Cryptocurrency Payment App or Online Payment Gateway for your business.

Crypto payment gateway.

How do we integrate crypto payments into your online business, you ask? edirect’s team of Crypto Currency Developers will set about getting everything set up, so you can accept crypto payments in all parts of your business that need and offer payment solutions. Our platforms are designed and developed to maximize the speed of each transaction in a secure and robust infrastructure. There are limitless things that you can do with this digital currency.

As a note, Dubai has already started installing ‘Bitcoin ATM’s’ to dispense digital currencies. This exchange in assets is a digital revolution that is here to stay. Saudi Arabia and Dubai’s Department of Economic Development are leading the way to make Blockchain and cryptocurrency transactions an integral part of their economic and financial future.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies provide you with an opportunity to make private transactions and send non-cash remittances. This has gradually become the new norm of transacting on the internet. With multinationals and even social media giant Facebook planning to launch its own form of digital payments system in 2020, you have no reason to be worried.

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Accepting cryptocurrency payments.

The opportunities to use your cryptocurrencies are ever increasing. The earlier you get onboard, the better for you and your business. Businesses that started receiving their Bitcoins not-so-long-ago have been making tremendous amounts of money. An increasing number of savvy online clients have Bitcoins, Ethereum and many other crypto coins that they are more than willing to use.

If you accept crypto payments, you will not only be able to sell more but also earn a competitive advantage over your competitors. It is a common understanding that a business which is seen to embrace modern trends is normally taken more seriously than one which does not. 1st mover advantage, taking the leap now will jump you to the front of the queue in the world of digital payments.

If you are having trouble determining where to get started with cryptocurrencies, edirect is here to guide you and help you implement a custom web development online payments system. As a leading cryptocurrency development company in Saudi Arabia and throughout the middle east, we will bring you onboard within the shortest time possible. Our team will make sure that everything is set up for successful crypto transactions on your website and app.

We will make sure that you are a part of this revolution. Your website can be instantly recognised to accept crypto coins with the addition of a crypto payments logo and website branding that would seamlessly integrate with your current website layout. Alternatively, we can offer a new responsive website design.

Storing cryptocurrency.

As you prepare to start receiving crypto coins, your next concern could be how you would store them. When it comes to cryptocurrency, you do not store the actual currency units. Rather, it is the transaction key that is stored. When you start accepting cryptocurrencies, we can help to setup a Crypto Wallet for you in which you can store these transaction keys.

You are the only one who will be able to access them, thus ensuring the safety of your funds. Don’t worry; we take care of all the technological pieces of this puzzle, so you’ll be part of the incredible revolution that is the future of payments and transactions.

How can you get started?

There is no time to waste. To get started, simply contact us today or call +966 50 707 3370 and we shall take up everything from there. We will show you our portfolio and explain how we can integrate your requested features into your website. We are the best at what we do, and your complete satisfaction is part of our aim. We can help your Saudi Arabian business grow and outpace your competitors with digital payment processes.

So contact edirect, a leading Cryptocurrency Web Developer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia today to find out more.

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