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Are you excited about your unique website idea that conveniently fills a market gap? With edirect, you have access to the leading digital marketing agency in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our team of highly skilled and experienced KSA web developers offer a web application service that will turn your website dreams into a reality.

edirect – Web Application Development Company

edirect Saudi Arabia have been at the forefront of helping startups and established corporations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia grow their businesses dramatically. As a leading digital media company in KSA, we have a specialist department of highly skilled individuals that design and build custom web applications for businesses throughout the Arabian Peninsula and Middle Eastern region. We believe in the creation of a website that reflects your business needs incorporating the most up to date website technologies to maximise your website exposure and increase your sales exponentially.

Your customers must have a positive experience while browsing your website. This means that it should not only reflect what you do, but also how you interact with them. An interactive website has life. This is the kind of progressive platform that someone would want to come back to time and again.

edirect’s web app development services help you realise the full potential of your ideas. Simply share with us your idea, and we shall convert it into the kind of online product you want. Our developers seek to surpass our clients’ expectations.

What are custom web app builds?

If you have an explosive idea that will help you take the lead in your chosen niche, you deserve the kind of results that only a bespoke website can achieve. By engaging the services of our Saudi Arabia website developers, you will be able to follow along as your website is created. A custom web application build begins with nothing; a blank slate out of which a professional developer yields an effective and user-friendly website. Everything is done just as you need it.

Going bespoke allows you the opportunity to customise the tiniest of details. This is not a feature that the average website builder can provide. However, what benefits you the most is not the ability to create as many elements as you want. The maximum impact is felt when these elements are combined in a way that leaves you and your customers in awe. This is an art that our Saudi Arabia web developers have refined over the years with all our bespoke built, custom web application development projects.

The final results of your project are determined by the kind of company you chose to be. Saudi Arabia has just a few companies that can confidently claim to have the expertise to handle bespoke responsive web design projects. Our in-house team of web software developers prides itself in the ability to seamlessly meet the requirements of any sized project.

web development process

How we do it?

We have a proven process that we follow in creating breathtaking websites. This is a process that has undergone refining and evolution over the years to achieve perfection.

detailed planning

Planning is an essential part of the success of any bespoke project. At edirect, we do not just plan. Rather, we do so in an accurate and detailed manner, outlining every single step that shall be followed in the project.

The fact that bespoke websites do not have any point of reference in the market means that creativity is needed. You shall have several meetings with the edirect management to explain to you the entire process. In so doing, you will be kept up-to-date with the progress of the whole project.

You will be assigned a personal account manager. This is your point of contact with the entire website development team. The account manager also oversees specifications and timescales to make sure that whatever you want has been fulfilled. This is a vital step in making sure that your project runs smoothly and is an integral part of our web application development services offered to all edirect clients engaged in custom web development builds.

Top-notch web developers.

If you are looking for a website design company in Saudi Arabia, you will be glad to have met our team of website developers. Our team is not only good at what we do but we also help by ensuring that you have an easy time throughout the entire process.

Our level of expertise allows us to develop systems that are truly exceptional, and that can practically do whatever you want.

The right development connections.

As a result of the many years that we have been in the industry, we have been able to establish a strong network of connections within the business world. PayPal is one of these many connections with whom we cooperate to fulfill complex XML and API integrations.

Continuous development.

Our relationship with you does not end even after we deliver your bespoke system. edirect understands that these systems have thousands of features which can be exploited to achieve world-class security, usability, and improve your online marketing throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and globally. As a result, we offer a straightforward package that is one of continuous ongoing development for all our custom web application technologies.

Having a challenge where to start?

If you have come up with an exciting website idea but are not sure of how to go forward from there, we are happy to guide you. You can start by organising a no-obligation meeting with one of our consultants to help us understand your requirements. Contact us now and we shall take everything from there, 1 step at a time.

“Our in-house team of web software developers prides itself in the ability to seamlessly meet the requirements of any project.”

To date we have created:

  • Detailed Calculators
  • Highly Bespoke Shopping Systems
  • Complex Databases
  • Interactive Forms
  • Complex API Integrations
  • CSV Upload Systems
  • XML Feeds
  • And more…

Why choose us?

edirect excel in and continue to be a premiere web application development company in the Middle East. We are your number one choice if you are looking for a web app developer that truly cares about your business and works with you to produce stunning and unique websites. Our team of experienced web application developers have the skills to build world-class custom web applications and  bespoke web based systems for your Saudi Arabia business. This is something that we have been doing for years. We do not just get started with a project before we clearly understand what you want. A rich portfolio is a clear demonstration that we know what we are doing and shows that we are really good at it!

Still having a challenge seeing what you are looking for? For bespoke web development and web applications in Saudi Arabia, Dubai and the Middle East, Contact our sales team, and we will gladly convert your ideas to reality.

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